Twins towers make for great class

Cameron Ridley now has someone next to him on the low block in Texas' 2012 class, and it could be an impressive duo for Longhorn fans.

Things got off to a great start recruiting wise for the Texas Longhorns when they pulled in top 10 prospect in the form of Cameron Ridley. Now they are also closing strong, with the news that Prince Ibeh has picked the Longhorns over Arkansas, Texas A&M, and Vanderbilt. Ibeh is rated as the No. 54 prospect in the country, and both center prospects bring a unique skill set to the table.

The question some will have is why would Ibeh and Ridley go to the same school in the same class since both are low block centers, well the answer is they are very different.

At roughly 6-foot-10 and 275 pounds, Ridley is one of the biggest centers in the class. He scores around the rim with post moves, toughness, and strength. A big bodied player, Ridley is solid running the floor, but is not a major shot blocking threat. He defends the post well, and is just a problem to deal with given his size, nimble feet, and feel for how to play.

Conversely at 6-foot-11 and 210 pounds, Ibeh is one of the best big men in the country at changing ends and blocking shots. Ibeh is a big time athlete who plays well above the rim, and has the ability to change the game on defense. However he is still raw on the offensive end, needs to get stronger, and is lacking much of a go to move on the block.

While Ibeh is one of the best long term prospects in this class given his upside, he might be a year or two away from being a consistent contributor at a school hoping to compete for Final Four's and conference titles.

With the presence of Ridley already in the class, this gives the Texas coaching staff the opportunity to develop Ibeh at the right pace and allow him to translate his physical gifts into a well rounded and productive player on both ends of the floor.

Add in that a skilled high-post player in Connor Lammert is also in the class, and the Longhorns are going to be able to throw bodies at teams and wear them down on the low block. Lammert can play both center and power forward.

Like Lammert's ability to play multiple positions gives a great deal of versatility, it is another reason why Ibeh and Ridley will not only be able to coexist but also possibly thrive.

Ridley can only guard one position, center. Meanwhile with his length, athleticism, and ability to move laterally, Ibeh can guard a power forward at times. Being able to have two big bodies like that on the floor, and not lose anything in terms of being able to guard, is just not something that many programs have the luxury of doing.

While there is no guarantee how quickly Ibeh will be ready to produce, or how long Ridley will stay on campus in Austin, the bottom line is this duo could be one that makes an impact in college basketball. This time of year every school is looking for quality big men to come in and make an impact, every team that is except for the Texas Longhorns. They are very well set at the center position, and in college basketball that is very rare to say.

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