Size is Not an Issue for Williams

Spring DeKaney five-star running back Trey Williams put up huge numbers in Thursday night's win over Klein High, showing that he has the skills to play in any conference.

"He's just a player. Hit him and he will go down!"

That is what a position coach at Klein High preached to his team prior to the start of Thursday night's game between DeKaney and Klein.

At 5'8, 170 pounds it might be easy for opposing teams to think that DeKaney High's (Texas) Trey Williams is easily tackled, but that could not be further from the truth.

In all reality the scat-backed sized Williams is one of the pound-for-pound toughest runners in the country, and Klein High found that out the hard way in a 42-10 Thursday night district loss to DeKaney.

In the game Williams rushed for 162 yards and four touchdowns -- making runs that would make highlight reels jealous.

"It was a great feeling," The five-star Texas A&M commit explained. "This (win) was history for DeKaney. The team did a great job and the defense just shut them down and we need that for our offense because once the defense shuts them down it just gets us going -- and after that it goes from there."

Williams is a good teammate and the defense did play well, but a 20-yard touchdown run on the game's opening play from scrimmage is what initially put DeKaney on the board, a run that sucked the life from the Klein defense and the fans in the stands. On the run Williams was bottled up in the middle of the field, but broke a tackle and bounced it to the outside for a score.

Later in the game, Williams would break eight tackles on a 65-yard scamper in to the end-zone that left everyone in the stadium holding their breath. On the run he showed that he possesses both speed and power, answering any questions about whether or not he has the size and abilities to be successful in the SEC.

"That does not mean anything to me," Williams said when asked about A&M's conference move. "People always say that I am not big enough, but that does not phase me. I am going to still do me and make it work."

Williams and his DeKaney teammates will square off against Klein Forest next weekend. He has also been selected to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in January.

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