"This Is My Dream"

For Dwayne Hoilett, wearing a Miami uniform is a dream he's imagined his whole life. Hoilett hasn't had a great deal of time on the field in high school thanks to a stacked depth chart at Vero Beach HS but Miami coaches like what they see from the athletic defensive end.

When asked about Miami, Dwayne Hoilett's face lights up. His passion for The U is unmistakeable.

"I love Miami. I always have. It's my dream to play there."

Hoilett says there wasn't a second of hesitation when he made his pledge to Miami.

"I knew it was right. I still know it's right. I'm not wavering. This is my dream."

Hoilett doesn't only focus on Miami football. He also says he's looking forward to the academic excellence he knows he will find at UM.

"I'm going to major in Sports Medicine or Sports Management and I want to do something sports related in the future. I would even like to be an agent."

When he describes his game, Hoilett focuses on his speed and athleticism. Those attributes initially caught Miami coaches' attention.

"I'm really fast. I think my athleticism will help a lot at Miami. I could also play at the outside linebacker position so that's great too. I think Miami could do a lot with me on their defense and I will put on weight there too."

Hoilett says there's no chance his commitment wavers.

"I'm very solid to Miami. I know things could happen with the sanctions and all but, like I said, it's my dream to go there. I hear from Wake Forest and Michigan State but I don't even know that I'll go on visits those places."

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