Offers mean something to Sherit

Four offers in for 2013 defensive end Jordan Sherit and he is looking at all four schools the same.

"Miami and South Florida offered first, then Duke, and Purdue is the latest offer," said Jordan Sherit. "I am getting a lot of interest from schools, but the ones showing me the most right now are Wisconsin, Auburn, Florida, and Notre Dame."

The Hurricane offer is a pretty special one to Sherit, but all four mean something to him.

"I am from Miami, I was born down there, so it was big for me to pick up an offer from them. I really love the new coaches and it is a school I know a lot about.

"Miami was big because I'm from there, but Duke is a prestigious offer in my mind. They are a top academic school that could set you up for life.

"USF is right down the road from me now, so that is a cool offer to have and I know a good bit about them too. Purdue is a school I do not know a lot about yet, but I am proud to get an offer from them.

"All the schools that have offered are high on my list because each offer is special."

Sherit is a 6-foot-4, 230 pound defensive end out of Tampa (FL) Hillsborough and he is starting to draw a lot of attention. He has half a dozen sacks this season and he is working to improve his game.

"I know I have a lot of room to improve and I am working hard every day to make that happen," he said. "I play hard, but I can get bigger, stronger, and faster."

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