In Person Eval: Leonard Fournette

Leonard Fournette took the prep scene by storm as a freshman. The St. Augustine standout ran with a passion and polish well beyond his years and as a result over two dozen schools assured him that would offer him a college scholarship. That list is now well over thirty, but Fournette is more concerned with getting his high school team deep into the state playoffs.

Leonard Fournette profile

Fournette is an impressive back and the fact that he has two more seasons to develop his game on the high school level is almost scary.

Leonard benefited from an experienced offensive line in 2010. This season the Purple Knights had to replace some very talented blockers, but the team appeared to be finding its' stride once district play began.

I had the chance to see Fournette in person against Archbishop Shaw and it is clear that he has the substance to back up his considerable hype.

He is able to square up and run behind his pads like an upperclassmen already. Leonard looks for the chance to make the big play to move the team forward and ignite the crowd.

While all young superstars have a certain amount of swagger, Fournette does not carry himself on the field like a prima donna. He might celebrate in the huddle, but he looks to draw attention to himself through his play rather than his personal commentary.

Leonard understand how to finish a run and in the attached film you can see evidence of this. Once the defense had him hemmed up, Fournette lowered his shoulder and plowed over the nearest defender.

There are certainly a lot of the nuances of the game that Leonard needs to work on like his pass protections and being a better receiver out of the backfield, but he is one of the more polished underclassmen backs I have seen.

I had the chance to see him in summer camps and on Friday night under the lights. He is ready to compete under any circumstances against any opposition at any venue.

If he continues to work hard, Fournette has the chance to be a real star on the college level.

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