Richie Brown Sets The Record Straight

Richie Brown laughs a little when he discusses the rumors his friends tell him are circulating regarding his recruitment. Brown continues to shove them aside as nothing more than what they are: false. In this exclusive, Brown tells us what's REALLY going on. Find out the latest below:

Richie Brown already has over 150 tackles to his name season. He wants to leave an impression on the high school field. It's an impression he says he hopes is synonymous with toughness, fight and proving doubters wrong.

"People probably think I can't do what I can do until they watch me play."

But, after watching him play, numerous college coaches became very impressed and large SEC fan bases followed suit. Now, Brown is learning what it's like to step into the spotlight.

"It's crazy and exciting at the same time. I just want to show it on the field and let my playing do the talking."

While Brown is dedicating himself to his senior season and holding off on official visits, rumors fly. He says some friends recently came to him to let him know they heard LSU is no longer interested and is going to give up his spot.

"They told me I was losing a spot at LSU. I told them not to worry and that it wasn't true. They said everyone is saying that Mississippi State and LSU aren't recruiting me as hard anymore. But, actually, they are recruiting me just the same. In fact, they may be recruiting me even harder."

Brown echoes the sentiments of many uncommitted recruits in saying he hears a new school every day that is supposedly his new favorite.

"You want to know the complete and honest truth? I really don't have a favorite right now. I honestly don't."

The linebacker says he's in contact with Mississippi State, LSU, Ole Miss and Purdue most often.

"They all say they respect my choice to wait and visit. They understand it. They know I'm really putting a lot of thought into this. I'm taking my time and time tells the truth."

Brown plans to wait until January to take official visits. He wants to spend as much time with coaches as possible and says he knows that will only happen when a game isn't being played.

"So many people ask why I'm not taking officials during the season. It's because I want a strong relationship with the coaches of the school I'm going to commit to. Actually, Dan Mullen even advised me to wait until January to visit Mississippi State officially. I think that says it right there."

Brown's high school teammate Nick James is committed to MSU. He says he hears from James often about the Bulldogs.

"He talks to me about visiting a lot. I tell him I'm going to check out both Mississippi State and Ole Miss unofficially during the season once I get time and enough money to go there. Nick is a funny guy. He gets on me telling me I need to go ahead and commit to Mississippi State. He's a trip!"

Brown says his family is staying out of the tough decision and trying their best not to sway him one way or another.

"I mean my brother is a huge LSU fan. I think he would be really happy if I went there. I have cousins that are Mississippi State and Ole Miss fans so it's kind of like they are all over the place. I don't know where they really want me to go though. I'm sure they all have their opinions."

When it comes to opinions, however, Brown is still working on forming his. He's in no rush. Instead, he's busy savoring every moment of his senior season.

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