Kenney Grew Up Watching Hawkeyes

Indianapolis Pike (Ind.) DE David Kenney has his first offer from Iowa, and the Hawkeyes may be in the driver's seat.

It was an eventful morning at Indianapolis Pike as the Iowa Hawkeyes offered Red Devils junior defensive end David Kenney.

"I had sent them a copy of the film," his father, David Kenney Sr. said. "Derek (Moyers, head coach at Pike) texted me last night and said, 'I don't know what was in that highlight tape, but Eric Johnson told me to call him this morning.' He called Eric, texted me and told me to call him ASAP and he said, Iowa just offered him."

Kenney Sr. had been the defensive line coach at Butler, but is coaching the line at Pike this year in an effort to spend more time with his son. After taking David Jr. to all the camps and visits over the last few years, to have it pay off this morning, was a special moment.

"You know me, I was all emotional. I was crying like I didn't have any sense. I was trying to wait to tell him because he was he was supposed to call Coach Johnson later today, but he ended up finding out."

With dad coaching the position, Junior has had access to many coaching tapes and materials from the college level. However, it's the one from Iowa that has been a staple for the last few years.

"I have Penn State's, Auburn's D-Line drill tape and Iowa's and Notre Dame's. I gave him all four of those to look at and he's always stayed with Iowa. As a matter of fact, I had to get it back from him before camp this year. He's watched it the last four years before camp."

Then there is further connection between Kenney and the Hawkeyes.

"The guy working on the tape working with Coach Kaczenski is Mitch King and when I did my internship with the Colts last year, I coached King and Bob Sanders and Angerer and all those guys," Kenney Sr. said.

The Kenneys visit Iowa City this weekend, and although there is interest coming from Michigan, Notre Dame, Illinois and others, this day will not soon be forgotten.

"He's a loyal kid. He won't forget this. That's just the type of kid he is. He won't forget that they offered him first."

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