Evans' Take on MSU and More

He's back from a visit to Starkville where he watched Mississippi State take on Alabama and Deonte Evans says he's as happy with his commitment as he's ever been. Evans breaks down needs at MSU, guys he's recruiting and the atmosphere in Bulldog territory right here. Read on for more!

"The atmosphere couldn't have been better. I mean, that place was wild," Deonte Evans chuckled as he recalled his time in Starkville most recently.

"I want to see more from Mississippi State's offense but the defense was great. They were stopping Alabama real well and it was crazy."

Evans says there are always a few things on his list of priorities when he heads to Starkville.

"I have to spend time with the coaches and I love that. They just talk to me and don't try to tell me stuff just to keep me around. I love all of them and it's not just one. I can tell they really like talking to me too. I also always want to talk to the other guys committed this year. I like Adarius Perkins and we chilled a lot at this game."

Another focus Evans says is crucial: recruiting. He spends as much time as possible telling players why they should come to State.

"I tell them they have a chance to be part of something big. My main guy right now is A.J. Jefferson. I think he ends up at Mississippi State. They have a real good chance with him."

Both Evans and Jefferson are planning to be in attendance for the Egg Bowl so he may have good chance to get in Jefferson's head.

"With all the mess at Ole Miss I just don't see kids going there so we will play it by ear."

Evans still plans to take his official visit to MSU in January.

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