UK commits sound off on Tennessee win--part 2

Whether they were at the game or somewhere watching on television, Kentucky recruits agree that UK's 10-7 win over Tennessee Saturday was "exciting" and certainly something they hope to build on during their future careers as Wildcats. (This is Part 2 of a 2 part article)

Patrick Towles, quarterback, Fort Thomas, spoke of his commitment to Kentucky and its current staff.

Despite some speculation that he might change his mind about UK because of the Cats' offensive struggled, Towles again emphasized he had never wavered in his commitment to UK.

"I wouldn't say the win makes me feel any better about Kentucky because I have always been 110 percent committed," Towles said. "There's never been any wavering no matter what anyone has said. It was good for the fans and coach Phillips to get the marquee win and is great momentum for next year, but I was sold all along."

That's partially because of offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Randy Sanders, who coached Peyton Manning at Tennessee as well as current UK assistant Tee Martin when he led the Vols to a national title.

"He knows what he is doing and had a great plan Saturday," Towles said. "He has been getting a lot of flak this year about the offense not performing. It was not the system, but the execution of the system. On Saturday everything came together, they all played well and it showed on the scoreboard. I can't wait to play for him." He'll lead his team against Anderson County Saturday in Bowling Green when he tries to win a third straight state championship.

"We are 14-0 and just broke the state record for points scored last week, but we are not satisfied," he said. "We have to go out and complete our season. At Highlands, success is based on state championships. It all comes down to Saturday."

After that, he definitely plans to play basketball — "my mom doesn't want me to but I am."

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