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Deonte Evans put one of the first wheels on the Mississippi State recruiting wagon this year when he pledged to the Bulldogs this spring. Since that time, Evans has collected offers and interest from several other programs, but he has not wavered in his commitment to Mississippi State. Evans reports his allegiance is stronger than ever.

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"Coach Wilson is supposed to be coming down here to see me today," said Evans on Tuesday afternoon. "I am out of school already, so he's coming down here to visit with us." "I went to the Alabama game, but I couldn't make it for the game against Ole Miss," said Evans. "I watched every second of that game on TV and I loved it.

"The best part of it to me was watching Houston Nutt at the end looking up at the clock when the final seconds were coming off of the clock.

"Coach Mullen told me that he was never going to lose to Ole Miss and he hasn't so far."

Evans reports that he is eager to be a part of the Mississippi State and Ole Miss rivalry.

"If you're from Mississippi that's what it's all about," said Deonte. "I am ready to go up there and get to work and help Coach Mullen keep that streak going."

Evans may play any number of positions when he arrives in Starkville, but he claims that he is open to whatever the program needs from him.

Deonte and several of his fellow Mississippi State commitments will meet next week in Montgomery, Alabama for the Mississippi/Alabama All-Star game.

He is eager to spend some time with his future teammates.

"I think one of the reasons Mississippi State has done so well against Ole Miss the past few years is because Mississippi State has all of those players from Mississippi," said Evans. "That's one of the reasons I an excited about playing up there.

"We're like a family and when you have the chance to get together and play together with all of the players you play against and you get to meet over the years it is a good thing.

"If all of the best players in Mississippi keep going to Mississippi State, I know we're going to win championships."

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