Ala. All-Stars: Notebook Day 3

The Alabama/Mississippi All-Star Classic will take place Saturday, December 10th at the Cramton Bowl in Montgomery, Ala. Kick-off is 12:30 p.m. The third day of practice concluded Thursday afternoon with players to walk through plays on Friday. Andrew Bone takes a look at several headlines including recruiting wars, future teammates and family members playing in the game.

Recruiting wars

There are several recruiting battles taking place with players on 'Team Alabama' working on their friends to join them next year. Reggie Ragland, Tyler Hayes and Ryan Anderson are solid commitments to Alabama. They are recruiting guys like Jameis Winston and T.J. Yeldon. Winston is trying to do his own recruiting for the Seminoles.

"We are trying to get some of these five and four-star guys," said Ragland who is the No. 1 middle linebacker in the country. "I am working on T.J Yeldon and Jameis Winston. I tell them we are trying to win a national championship. I tell them Alabama has a great program, great coaches and great girls.

"Jayboo [Winston] is really trying to get me to FSU," said Auburn commitment T.J. Yeldon. "I told him I am not going to Florida State. They play in the weak ACC conference. Jayboo is really the only one trying to recruit me. He won't shut up. I am not trying to recruit anyone."

"Ryan [Anderson] and Reggie [Ragland] always telling me to come to Alabama," said FSU commitment Jamies Winston. Ryan and Reggie keep saying, 'Come to Bama'. T.J. [Yeldon] ain't even talking about Auburn. I am trying to get all the guys I can to FSU. Alphonse [Taylor] and I trying to get them. We are working hard on T.J. If we can get him we will be straight."

"I am not sure all the guys Alabama has offered, but we are working on T.J. and Jameis," said Alabama commitment Tyler Hayes. "They can be a big part of our recruiting class. We have been catching up all week. We are talking and having fun."

Family reunion

Beniquez Brown and Kivon Coman are cousins who were teamates at Florence High School. They are also playing in the Alabama/Mississippi All-Star Classic. Coman is committed to Mississippi State and hoping his cousin will join him in Starkville.

"He is coming," Coman said about Brown joining him at Mississippi State. "I told him it's a good place that feels like home. He is going to accept it and come on board with us."

"He [Kivon] is recruiting me hard," said Brown. "He knows I am not going to go to a place only because he is there unless it is the best place for me. I really like Mississippi State though."


Florida State went in Alabama this year and snagged several top recruits including Alabama All-Stars Jameis Winston and Alphonse Taylor.

"Jameis is a character," said Taylor. "That mole on his chin is killing me though. He has a fro on it. I told him he needs to shave it. I think I am going to edge it up before the game. For real though he is cool. It's been great hanging out with everyone."

"Alphonse has this big ego," said Winston. "He doesn't want to talk to anyone and only wants to talk about himself. He is big and athletic. I threw him a couple of routes earlier."

Coaching carousel

A lot of coaching changes are taking place in college football this month. Several coaches are interviewing for head coaching positions. Reports of Alabama defensive coordinator interviewing for a head coaching position. Tide commitment Ryan Anderson was asked how he will feel if his future defensive coordinator accepted another job.

"I love coach Kirby Smart," said Anderson. "I hope he doesn't leave. If he does leave it's not a big deal to me. I committed to Alabama, not Kirby Smart."


The most impressive group on the field this week is the linebacker unit for 'Team Alabama'. These guys are big, fast and have created the most pops on the field. The group is led by Reggie Ragland, Ryan Anderson and Tyler Hayes. These same players will suit up in Tuscaloosa next fall.

"It's different," said Hayes. "It's a good thing though. We will be playing together and alongside each other for a long time. We are all real cool with each other. We have been talking and having fun this week."

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