Wahlstrom excited for early start at ASU

Scottsdale's Desert Mountain's Easton Wahlstrom grew up a Sun Devil fan, and there was no one happier than him when he was offered a scholarship by the hometown team. Even the uncertainty that came with the coaching change at ASU couldn't negate the strong affinity he had for the maroon and gold, which is why he faxed over his scholarship paperwork to ASU and will enroll in the school in January.

"I'm so excited to sign with Arizona State," said long snapper Easton Wahlstrom. "I already found out that I am all (academically) cleared with the NCAA. From talking to coach Graham I know he's a good coach and I know he will follow up with everything that coach Erickson built. He is a real disciplinarian and that it was this team needs. I think he will help bring this team back up.

"It wasn't hard for me to deal with the coaching change at ASU. I just trusted everything that happened and just went with it. Sticking with my commitment hasn't been that hard at all. I just feel that everything is coming together and will turn out pretty well."

Aside from proximity to home, Wahlstrom said that being born and raised in the state of Arizona and following ASU from an early age has definitely planted the seed that came to fruition with him being officially a Sun Devil today.

"From what I've seen from other schools' facilities," Wahlstrom described, "I just knew for a fact that it was going to be a great school to go to. I looked at other programs and the facilities were nice, but they really don't compare to ASU's."

Wahlstrom is ranked as the nation's 5th best long snapper by Scout.com, and said that over the summer he did travel to other schools such as BYU, Houston, Tulsa and Fresno State and did receive plenty recruiting attention from those programs prior to his August commitment and following the ASU head coaching change.

"It's been a great ride but from what I can see ASU is still the school for me," he said.

The long snapper was a member of the Rubio/Sailer National Long Snapper of the Year watch list, and was voted second team All-State among Division 1 high school in Arizona and voted first-team in Section 3.

"I know a lot of people make fun of long snappers not being important, just like they do punters and kickers," Wahlstrom said, "but they really control the game. A bad snap or a bad kick…you may end up losing a game. So I know I have one of the most important roles in the game. This why I chose it as my position."

Wahlstrom is elated that he was able to graduate high school early, so he could get a jump on his ASU career getting acclimated to the school and the program several months before the start of the 2012 season.

"It's very important because you are going have to get used to everything as fast as possible," Wahlstrom explained, "and for someone like me that isn't going to redshirt and play right away you need to adapt to a lot of things fast. You don't want to come in and just be thrown out to the wolves.

"I've talked a little to Alex Garoutte (ASU kicker) and Josh Hubner (ASU punter) and it will be good to come in early and get to know them quicker. They're excited that I'm coming over and I'm excited too.

"I really think we are going to be a good team next year."

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