Florida Legacy Likes Gators

Keith Kelsey is quite familiar with the Gators. His father, Gator Great Keith Kelsey, was on Florida's 1996 National Championship team. He grew up around the University of Florida, and now he plays football for Gainesville High School, just a few minutes away from the Florida campus. Now that the high school season is over, Kelsey is fully focused on his game and getting better every day.

The 6-foot-2, 216-pound linebacker recently picked up his first offer from USF, but that offer is just the beginning for Keith Kelsey. He has a lot of interest from Florida, Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, Tennessee, and NC State, just to name a few. He said he talks to the coaches at those schools pretty regularly and he trusts that more offers will come soon.

Kelsey keeps in touch with Florida coaches often as well, and he said those conversations are encouraging.

"They just telling me to keep working hard and things will come, stay close, keep in contact with them, stuff like that," he said.

Kelsey's familiarity with the Florida program definitely makes it an attractive option for him. He has no problem staying close to home for college, and for now, he sees himself at an SEC school.

"I like Florida, it's a good school, I grew up around it," Kelsey said.

"I like Florida, and I like USF too, they got some pretty cool coaches, they just tell me to work hard, and I like the school too because I went to a couple of their games. I like LSU, Alabama, just big schools."

Kelsey certainly isn't sitting still while he waits for more offers to come. He spends a lot of his time working out with his dad.

"He's pretty crazy when we're in that weight room," Kelsey said.

"(I'm working on) Just getting more flexible and working on agility, that's the main thing, me and my dad always work out, but I've been working on agility for most of the offseason, and I still have a lot of time before the spring comes so I'm going to be working on that."

No one ever accused Kelsey of being lazy. He's the type of guy that keeps his head down, gets the job done, and let's the work speak for itself. He brings a great attitude to a team. While he remains humble, he's confident about his strengths as a football player.

"Strengths are getting to the ball, getting a read on the field with my teammates, being close with my teammates and just finding the ball, and just being a team player," he said. In the meantime, Kelsey will continue to do what he's been doing: keep his head down, work hard, and let the work speak for itself.

"I just keep waiting, my dad told me to work hard, it'll come, but I would like to play in the SEC though, but if there's other schools that have better interest for me then I'll go there," Kelsey said.

"I'm a hard worker, and I'm gonna go get it."

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