Sobiesk Has Some Thinking to Do

Evan Sobiesk knows he will be kicking for someone next year. He will take the next few weeks and figure out his next move. With a trio of offers in hand and one official visit under his belt, Evan has some things to consider. An SEC program close to home has mapped out a plan for Sobiesk to be a part of their program should he elect to take it.

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"I have offers from Brown, Yale and Montana State," said Evan. "I am talking some with Mississippi State, Virginia Tech and some other schools.

"It's just been sort of random when it has come to the schools lately."

Sobiesk made a trip to Big Sky country to see what Montana State was all about.

"I took my official visit up there when they played Montana," said Evan. "It was cold, but it was really nice.

"The people there were all friendly and I liked the campus.

"They said I had a chance to come in and kick all four years. It would be a real good gig, but it's a long way from home."

In four weeks, Evan will take another official visit, but this time he will be able to stay in his home state.

"I am visiting Mississippi State on the 27th of January," said Sobeisk. "It's kind of a tough deal because a lot of schools are giving me a deadline and I won't have taken my official to Mississippi State yet."

The Oak Grove product understands what his options are in for Starkville.

"Coach Mullen wants me to come in as a preferred walk on," said Evan. "I already have a full ride academically, so they don't need to use a scholarship on me.

"He said that if I come and kick like he's seen me kick that I would eventually be put on scholarship.

"He said that he wants me to basically handle the field goals. He said I would be the starter or the back-up my freshman year, but he expected me to take over the field goal kicking."

Sobeisk would like to handle more of the kicking chores, but he expects to be one of three kickers joining the Bulldog program should be decide to enroll at Mississippi State.

"I would really like to kick off, but they are signing Devon Bell to do that," said Evan. "Coach Mullen says he really wants to have three specialists.

"Devon Bell would handle the kickoffs, I would handle field goals and they are talking to Michael Mordecai about punting."

Evan plans to seek the counsel of those who have his best interest at heart and then make a decision in the next few weeks.

"I talk to my dad and my two older brothers about it," said Sobeisk. "My dad tells me that I can stay close to home or go far away. He wants me to do what I want to do.

"Both of my older brothers played college sports, so that always have some good advice for me.

"I am not sure what I am going to do right now. I am just going to take some time and figure it all out."

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