USAAAB: Dorial Green-Beckham

Plans have changed for the nation's top receiver Dorial Green-Beckham. Originally scheduled to announce his college commitment during the broadcast of this year's U.S. Army All-American Bowl, he will now wait until National Signing Day to declare his No. 1. He currently holds a Top Five (of which he dissects inside), but plans on cutting down to a Final Three within the next few weeks.

"Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Missouri, and Texas," listed Dorial Green-Beckham, when asked which schools he is currently deciding among.

He added, "But I hope to get it down to three soon. As soon as a I get back from this trip, I'm going to sit down with my family and narrow it down."

Thus far, the 6'6, 220-pounder has only made an official visit to Texas. And while he has been on several unofficials to the other four schools, he notes he does not currently have any officials scheduled to them.

He did have one penciled in to Oklahoma last month, but due to illness was not able to make it.

When asked if Stoops and crew are trying to reschedule, Green-Beckham replied, "I've been there like five times. I'm not even worried about an official. I mean, the first time should've been the official. I've seen what I needed to."

"Texas was really the only school I wanted to get out and see like I had the other schools."

The receiver did note that, of all the coaching staffs, Texas has been the "most chill."

"They're not rushing me or anything, so that's a good thing. They're not on me like every other school is. They're giving me time to settle down and just think about it."

When thinking about it, what will he be focusing on?

"I'm looking into the academics, just being around good people, good coaches, and just gettin the right feel of the place," said Green-Beckham.

He breaks down the current "feels" of each of his five:

Texas: "I have a real good relationship with Coach Wyatt. We're close. He's a great receivers coach, and I know he's put a lot of guys in the NFL."

Arkansas: "Definitely the atmosphere," he said on what stands out most. "It's always crazy every time I go there. It's close to home, too."

(Location to his hometown of Springfield, Missouri could play a large factor in his decision, as he has expressed interest in staying close to his younger brother and best friend Darnell, who has been battling Leukemia.)

Oklahoma: "I haven't been up there in a while, but I've seen everything. I like the coaches, the facilities. It's nice."

Missouri: "I've known their coaching staff the longest. You know, because that's my home-state school. It feels like home. I've probably got the best relationship with them (the coaches.)"

Alabama: "I like Coach Saban. He's a good guy, and he's doing great things."

The lucky school will be announced at a ceremony at Springfield (MO) Hillcrest High School Feb. 1.

"I'm going to have it at the school gym, and have it packed," Green-Beckham smiled.

"I'm going to be real excited when it's all over, and I've made my pick. It feels like it's never going to go away, but when it's done I'll be real excited."

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