Four-star Brown Stays Local

For four-star running back Wes Brown, his family roots plant him in Byrd Stadium. He elaborates on his choice to stay local.

The road to Wes Brown's collegiate decision was full of twists and turns. The Good Counsel (MD) four-star running back favored Miami early on and things changed following the Nevin Shapiro saga. Then it was Penn State, Michigan, Vanderbilt, South Carolina and Colorado that moved into the forefront.

Today, the road has taken a completely different turn as the Maryland native made the call to stay in state.

"I chose Maryland because I want to be a part of a program that is up and coming and has a great business school, and where I don't miss Thanksgiving," Wes chuckled.

Although he can laugh about it, for Wes, family is no joke. It is everything.

"My mom isn't the wealthiest person in the world, but to me, she is the richest person on the face of the earth. Never have I seen my mom cry over something being too much to handle, except when she felt she was going to lose her son to the streets."

Wes grew up in inner-city Baltimore and while life has been difficult, he didn't let it get the best of him.

"I changed my ways just to make her [his mother] and everyone happy around me."

Over the last year, his grades improved, his attitude improved and he became a well-rounded student-athlete, not just a kid who can bulldoze through the defensive line. As schools from across the country began vying more aggressively for his talents, he realized, staying close to home is the fuel for his performance.

"I told my mom I will see her at all of my games. I couldn't keep that promise going out of town. I can't stand seeing my family a part or fighting. One of my favorite aunts said to me 'Wes, I love you baby boy, you know I do, but we shouldn't be fighting with each other. We should be fighting for each other.' After fighting with my aunt, now she is my best friend, Andrea Moore aka Aunt Woo. And I am a family guy."

"I love being around them. I am going to put on for the city, and for others who feel football doesn't belong in Maryland or isn't as respected up here."

Wes only took one official visit to Vanderbilt, a program he thoroughly enjoyed, but at the end of the day, this four-star is grounded by his roots, which will be planted in Byrd Stadium come August 2012.

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