CoachSpeak: John Shannon of Biloxi

The Indians of Biloxi are a program on the rise on Mississippi's Gulf Coast. Coach John Shannon has spent time in the college coaching ranks and is now priming the Indians for a run at a state title. Shannon's 2012 squad will be lead by a talented group of seniors especially on the offensive side of the ball. The personable coach sat down with Scout to talk football.

Biloxi has not had a Division I signee since Damion Fletcher signed with Southern Miss and went on to a record breaking career as a Golden Eagle.

The 2012 senior class features several players who are expected to continue their playing careers beyond the high school level.

Coach John Shannon was eager to share his thoughts about each player.

Scott Austin - "When you first look at Scott you see that he is the prototypical outside, vertical X receiver that you are looking for in the collegiate ranks.

"He has the height, he has long arms and he catches the ball well. He has vertical speed. He is gifted in that area, probably better than a lot of other kids around this state and around the country. He is at that next level.

"I know he has been timed at combines in the high 4.3s and the low 4.4s, so he has what you are looking for.

"He has the size, speed and strength you are looking for. Once he catches it and gets going, it is tough to catch him."

Tevaris McCormick - "In my mind, he is a true slot. He is a kid that can be a running back, slot receiver, punt returner or kick returner.

"You just can't tackle him. If you are running a true spread offense where you are running the bubbles or the quick reverses and some of the west coast stuff, he is perfect for that.

"Just get him the ball. I know we had one game where he was sick and didn't practice. We gave him the ball twice and he scored two touchdowns.

"There are guys in the NFL that are 5-9 and 5-10 that know how to use their body to make plays and you just can't get a big hit on them. He is one of those type of guys."

Jaylen Woullard - "Jaylen is a great athletic quarterback. He can make plays below the belly button with his feet and he is tough to tackle.

"He has really good vision. He can really feel what is going on down the field and in the pocket he has a good presence.

"He can extend the play. He has a good arm and he will continue to develop his arm strength. We want him on the field because he is a playmaker.

"He is a good enough athlete that he can go out and play receiver if you need him to."

David Wetzel - "David is quality, quality, quality. He is a center and he does all of the calls for our offensive line and makes the points. He gets us into the right protections we need to have.

"We are trying to expose him to as much as we can. He is a very good football player. He is aggressive and he has that little nasty streak in him that you are looking for.

"If you tell him there there is a linebacker or defensive end that you need him to go hit he will go out there and find him."

Matthew Santiago - "He is a good football player. We played him at tackle some last year because of a need, but he is a natural guard prospect.

"He has really been working and shaping his body to be a guard. He has great feet. He just isn't your typical guy size wise to play tackle.

"He can play center, but he is really going to be a good guard."

Kendrick Patterson - "He is a corner and a great cover guy. He is a soft spoken kid. He is not going to talk a whole lot in an interview. He is just going to answer your questions and that will be that.

"Against Hattiesburg he had seven knockdowns. He is going to be at the ball and he is going to make plays.

"He is going to be that prototypical corner size wise. He is going to be in the 5-9, 5-10, 5-11 size range. If you look at him, he has long arms and big hands, so he is going to play a little bit bigger than what his height shows.

"He has such good cover skills and he is a good tackler in space. I would put him out there against anybody."

Devoriae Martin - "He is going to be a special player. He already is a special player.

"He played as a true freshman and he had 1,400 or so yards as a sophomore. He has a lot of potential.

"He can take any play to the house. He has good speed and good vision. He has the God given ability to jump cut and make people miss.

"He can catch the ball out of the backfield. He is a solid football player now. In two years, when he goes off to a college he is going to be bigger, faster and stronger, but he is a good player now.

"He did a good job with ball security for us all year. He didn't put it on the ground. He knows how to fight for those tough yards and if you give him some room around the corner he is going to make the big run."

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