Briscoe Visiting Miami

Carencro (La.) defensive lineman Jacoby Briscoe talks about this weekend's visit to the University of Miami. Briscoe committed to the Hurricanes earlier this month.

"I'm already welcome over there with open arms and I've never been there yet, so that's going to be exciting when I first get there," said Jacoby Briscoe, who committed to Miami earlier this month. "Just walking around, looking around campus, the locker room; talking to the coaching staff and having a good time on the visit."

Briscoe hasn't been in contact with any other Miami commitments, but he's expected to share a room this weekend with a fellow Louisiana prospect.

"I just talked with Davante' Bourque - who is committed to Tennessee - but he says he's coming on the visit with me," said Briscoe. "We're going to be roommates and I hope he changes his mind (and signs with Miami).

"Davante' is keeping his options open. He wants to get playing time as a freshman. I don't know how it's going to go with him and Miami - getting playing time - but that's what he is really looking for."

Briscoe and Bourque have exchanged text messages recently. What does Briscoe think it will take for Bourque to switch his verbal from Tennessee to Miami?

"It depends how the visit goes - honestly," Briscoe stated. "If he has a great time on the visit, then don't be surprised if he does switch. I'm going to be there with him, too, so he's going have his best friend with him. We've been playing AAU basketball together since fifth grade, so we've been together for quite awhile."

Texas A&M hopes that Briscoe will visit College Station on the last weekend of the month.

"Coach (Terrell) Williams has been telling me to keep my options open and not close the door yet," he said. "They said they're coming to visit me tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4:30 and meet my parents and stuff.

"They want me to go on a visit on the 28th but I'm not sure about it yet. I'm going to talk to my mom and see how she feels about it. It depends on how the Miami visits goes - as to whether I'm going to go on the Texas A&M visit or not."

Has the Miami staff told Briscoe they want him to report as a freshman at a certain weight?

"They've never told me anything but Coach (Jethro) Franklin is going to give me a weight program after I go on the visit," he replied. "A weight program and a workout program. I should be ready to go by June."

Does Briscoe expect to get on the field as true freshman?

"It's not a big factor to me but early playing time is a good thing to happen," he responded. "Coach Franklin told me if I work hard enough then I have the possibility of starting as a freshman, so that really motivated me."

"I just can't wait to get there."

Briscoe said he's academically qualified.

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