Mike's Take: South Carolina S commit

South Carolina recently picked up a talented safety from the state of Florida so lets take a closer look at him as a prospect.

What to Like: Jordan Diggs is a standout safety from Island Coast High in Cape Coral. At 6-feet and 195 pounds, his size jumps out at you. Physically, he could step into a major college program right now and compete and not look out of place. He's what you look for there. He has a very high football IQ and just understands the game very well. His approach -- his work habits, his understanding of the game, his fundamentals, and things like that -- is very impressive. He has ideal size, he made a good number of plays in high school, and brings a lot of quality intangibles to the position.

What may concern you: Diggs isn't a great athlete. He is probably a legit 4.7 kid and isn't the smoothest in changing directions and adjusting to the ball in the air. Generally those are concerns you have over someone who could eventually move to outside 'backer. Diggs lacks ideal size for that. Being considered a bit of a 'tweener' is probably why the Big 3 never made a serious move at him.

Bottom Line: With other BCS offers from schools like Tennessee, Nebraska, Vanderbilt, South Florida, West Virginia, Louisville, and Purdue, Diggs was recruited like a solid three-star prospect. South Carolina has done well in Florida under Steve Spurrier and Diggs gives them another solid prospect.

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