Whitehurst Considering Three

Tashon Whitehurst has been considered a "soft" verbal commit to Syracuse throughout his recruitment, and it has not since changed. He visited SU along with a pair of other schools, and all three have a shot for his services – though we won't know where he will end up until National Signing Day.

With all of his visits now in the books, Tashon Whitehurst has 10 days to make his college decision.

"I'm looking for what will be the best fit for me for the next four years," the versatile linebacker said Monday.

Whitehurst visited Syracuse last month, South Florida last week and he is returning home from a Rutgers official visit on Monday night because of some flight delays.

The "soft" verbal commit to Syracuse remains open, considering the trio of Big East schools.

"I can't really say too much," he said when asked if he can name favorites among the schools in consideration.

However, he did eliminate UCF and Marshall – who previously had an outside chance for him when he spoke to FOX Sports Next after the South Florida visit.

"It's more down to Syracuse, USF and Rutgers," said Whitehurst. "I gotta go home and do some thinking."

The Gainesville (FL) linebacker enjoyed all three trips over the last month and change, describing his most recent visit as "great."

"It was a great visit, the coaches are good people," said Whitehurst of the Rutgers trip. "My host was Jawan Jamison, the running back. "

"The scenery was great, the atmosphere was great – it wasn't too cold…well, not as cold as other places," he added. "Coach took me around campus and showed me the bubble."

And the best part of the trip to Piscataway for Whitehurst was actually when he took another trip.

"I went to New York City for the first time, down town - and I kept eating," he said with a laugh when asked why he described the visit as great.

Though each school has different benefits in terms of location and academics –Whitehurst has an early indication of where he stands with each on the field.

"If I end up going to Rutgers, I have a real opportunity of playing my first year – maybe even starting," he said of RU, who is recruiting him to play the weak-side linebacker spot. "So that right there keeps them in the books."

"I like the scheme with the way they move their linebackers. They do it NFL-style."

"Coach [Scott] Shafer at Syracuse, I like his defensive scheme," Whitehurst continued. "The way he is able to place me on the field…"

"With USF, I like what the coaches want to do with the linebackers."

When asked if playing early was a priority and possibility at each school, Whitehurst admitted that he may not be able to in Tampa.

"Just Rutgers and Syracuse," he said. " With USF – I think it's a good opportunity but I don't think I can really come off the bat and start.

"I've looked at their linebackers, they probably have 10 of them."

The 6-foot-3, 190-pound linebacker will take some time to discuss things with his family before pulling the trigger on February 1.

"I'm going to take [everything] into consideration and wait [until National Signing Day]," Whitehurst said.

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