NLA Showcase: Dallas MVPs takes a look at the Most Valuable Player performances from Sunday's Next Level Athlete Showcase in the Dallas area, an event that brought a number of upper-echelon prospects to Lancaster High.


J.T. Barrett, a 6-foot-1, 209-pounder from Wichita Falls Rider High is an athletic quarterback, whose footwork really allowed him to excel in all of the drills that force the QBs to deliver an accurate ball while on the move. In the one-on-one drills he was one of the more consistent performers. With the ability to run and throw it is no wonder a number of BCS schools are already recruiting him.


Dontre Wilson, a 5-foot-10, 165-pounder from DeSoto High is one of the quickest players in the Lone State State and it was easily noticeable on Sunday in the drills. His foot quickness is flat out amazing. He could also probably be an excellent slot wide receiver. In the one-on-one portion of the event it was almost unfair for the linebackers to try and lock him down. He was able to get wide open on short, intermediate and deep routes.


Jacob Logan, 5-foot-10, 176-pounder from Coppell High took home the hardware in what was likely the most talented grouping at the camp. There were a number of big-framed wide receivers, but it would be Logan's route running ability which made him to get open the most consistently. In space he is real hard to slow down, but he is also a well-schooled route runner and he brought out all of the tricks to burn the defensive backs.


Hammad Rami, a 6-foot-3, 310-pound offensive guard from Irving High had nice build and just mauled people with his size and physical strength. He was super tough in the one-on-one drills and a big-time match-up with strong man Charles Walker from South Garland was a real clash of the titans, but Hammad staved off the bull rush and stood Walker up. Strong, road-grading type of offensive lineman.


Some people call Duncanville High standout Cornelius Henderson, a 6-foot-1, 187-pound defensive tackle 'Silverback', and on Sunday he showed that he was as strong as one. He keeps a low center of gravity and is extremely explosive. He is strong in the lower body and just naturally drives offensive linemen back while taking control upstairs with hand control. As you can imagine with that combo he dominated the one-on-one action.


Quan Matthews, a 5-foot-7, 174-pounder from Mansfield Summit would walk away with the MVP honors. He was the shortest player to check in at the position, but he was the only one that was able to keep up with the smaller and quicker backs in coverage. It would have been interesting to see how he would have looked manning up receivers, because defensive backfield may be in his future.


Safety Kameron Miles, a 6-foot-1, 211-pounder from West Mesquite High would not have been the odds on favorite to win the MVP award, just because you would naturally figure in the fact that he is a more downhill type of DB when looking at his size. But Miles backed up exactly what he shows on film – the ability to run and cover. He moves well and has some natural instincts. He can tun and run with receivers and makes plays on the ball.

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