Davis Discusses his Decision

Scout.com chats with Calvert Hall cornerback Da'Quan Davis about his official visit to Penn State and why he chose to be a Nittany Lion.

Baltimore (Md.) Calvert Hall three-star cornerback Da'Quan Davis took his official visit to Penn State last weekend and he didn't feel like leaving without becoming a Nittany Lion.

Donovan Smith who has become the ringer on the team when it comes to hosting visitors as well as Davis' former teammate Adrian Amos hosted the talented corner.

"On Friday, I went to the Nittany Lion Inn and checked in," Davis said. "I met up with Coach (Larry) Johnson and the other recruits. We ate, oh man did we eat. It seemed liked we ate all the time. They make sure you get your three meals a day that is for sure.

"We split up and went with our hosts. The parents went with the coaches. I got to see what college life is all about. It was really an eye opener, just touring the whole campus and seeing everything. It started snowing and that was the worst part, but they got heated sidewalks up there."

On Saturday, the visit got more specific and Davis had a chance to experience what life is like as a player at Penn State.

"We toured the facilities and met up with the equipment manager and we talked with him for a minute," said Davis. "It's real convenient there how everything is in one building. It's like an all in one type of place. We went over to the stadium and to the Presidential Suite. we ate and then hung out with the players and experienced more of the college life."

Saturday night, the recruits, players, coaches and the families also learned that the health of former Nittany Lion head coach Joe Paterno had taken a turn for the worse.

"We were up there eating dinner and the news was on and we saw it come across there," he said. "Then the news said he had passed away and then people there said he didn't. Sunday when we went and ate brunch we found out that he had passed away.

"It was kind of hard for me at first to really grasp how important he was at Penn State, but when we visited the memorial and you saw all the candles and stuff you knew what he meant to people. You saw all that Penn State stuff lying there and you could see how family oriented that place is. It was pretty hard for me to take it all in to be honest with you, but I like the family atmosphere and that showed me a lot."

Typically on the Sunday of an official visit recruits get to have a sit down with the head coach. Bill O'Brien, however is still on a playoff run and his New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl. That commitment kept O'Brien from physically being on campus, but through technology he conveyed his message.

"It was unique they had Coach O'Brien on Skype talking to everyone," Davis said. "Then they had me and my family in there on speakerphone with Coach (John) Butler, Coach Johnson and O'Brien was on the other end. I thought it was pretty amazing that he took the time out of his day with what he had going on to talk with us. I'm a Baltimore guy, but I'm glad he got that "W". I couldn't find any reason not to commit to Penn State. They got something special there and I want to be a part of that."

The talk with Coach O'Brien helped, but Davis knew before his chat with the new coach, that he would be a Nittany Lion.

"I made up my mind on the visit that I was going to commit," he said. "It is just so family oriented at Penn State and I felt it would be a great transition for me. It is identical to what I have here at home."

"I really bonded with Jordan Lucas on the trip. I enjoyed my time with him. I asked him why he committed to Penn State and he just said it's hard to turn down Penn State and he was right. I really like this staff, they are great guys and there is a lot of experience here. I think we're going to do some great things here."

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