Spartan Great Says Burbridge is Gifted

Mill Coleman talks about one of his pupils, Michigan State commitment Aaron Burbridge, and what makes him a special prospect.

Mill Coleman knows what it takes to succeed at Michigan State. A high school legend in the state of Michigan, Coleman went on to star for the Spartans as a quarterback, wide receiver and return man.

These days, Coleman coaches at Farmington Hills Harrison, where the next Spartan great may be coming from, senior wide receiver Aaron Burbridge, who is set to sign with MSU tomorrow.

"I just think, when you look at his overall athleticism," Coleman said. "he's a very gifted athlete who can run, jump and make incredible plays, but one thing that impresses me is his overall work ethic. Kids with ability take plays off or don't work as hard in practice. That's not case for him. He's an extremely hard worker and he always plays at 100%."

As far as areas of improvement, Coleman sees room for general improvement, but not necessarily any one glaring area of need.

"I think he just definitely has to keep working on everything. Is there one thing? No, but you always want to keep working on route running, catching, across the board, but I wouldn't say there's any particular thing he needs to work on, just continue to work on the craft."

His all around game and work ethic along with the opportunity at receiver leads many to believe Burbridge will play as a true freshman for the Spartans.

"I think he'll have an opportunity to get a chance to play," Coleman says. "As long as he maintains that same work ethic on and off the field. It's going to be in his hands. He's a gifted enough player to contribute right away. He just has to take advantage of the opportunity."

Burbridge had several other options as far as colleges to attend, but that opportunity along with other factors lead him to East Lansing.

"I think he felt comfortable there. It's a big departing class of seniors and he saw the opportunity to possibly get a chance to play right away."

So is Aaron Burbridge the next Mill Coleman?

"I think we were two totally diferent types of players. I came in as a quarterback and I knew I was not going to play. Dan Enos was a senior coming back, so I pretty much knew I was going to get redshirted from day one and it wasn't big deal for me at all. So for one, he has a chance to compete coming in strictly as a wideout. We're two different types of players."

But Spartan faithful are hoping the results are similar.

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