CoachSpeak: Browder on Brown

The Bearcats of Long Beach put together a strong season in 2011. Perhaps the team's most valuable player was senior Richie Brown. The versatile Brown has been recruited as a linebacker by some of the country's top programs. FOXSportsNext had the chance to sit down with Long Beach head football coach Tommy Browder on National Signing day and talk about the talented Brown.

Richie Brown profile

"Richie has been a major factor in our program rising from where it was when I got here to where it is now," said Browder.

"He has probably been the center point of it for us. You know we have had some pretty good quarterback play here the past few years, but he's been the leader of our defense for three straight years.

"In the last two years, he has been a big, big part of our offense as well.

"We use him in a lot of ways. He has been a leader for us. He is a great student and a great kid. He is always here. He is the first to do anything.

"He is just the kind of player that every coach dreams of."

College coaches have shown a ton of interest in Richie over the course of his high school career.

They have all had a pretty consistent theme in their praise of the three star linebacker.

"They all talk about his athletic ability, his size and his growth potential," said Browder. "I think most people think he has the chance to play early because of his athletic ability.

"He is big and he is strong and his running ability is way beyond what most people his size are able to do.

"He is just a special player."

Brown has played some at fullback, tight end, outside linebacker and inside linebacker during his career.

Coach Browder believes Richie's future lies on the defensive side of the ball.

"I think he's an outside linebacker, but he has the speed to play just about anywhere," said Browder. "You know he could play safety, but he is going to be big.

"Richie is right at 230 now. He can be a 250 guy, but I believe he could run even at that size.

"I feel like he has a good chance to be a very good strong side linebacker."

Having a player with Brown's attributes has meant an enormous amount of attention in the final weeks of the recruiting process for both player and coach.

"It's been very, very hectic," said Browder. "I know it's been hectic for Richie as well.

"Our phones have stayed pretty busy with calls and text messages and all of those things you get.

"It's been exciting as well because as a coach you know you don't have players like this come along every year.

"When you do get one, you don't worry about all of that. You just try to enjoy it and hope for the best for them."

Brown was one of over a dozen in state players that elected to stay home and play for the home state Bulldogs of Mississippi State.

Coach Browder believes that players today are seeing the in state programs as a more viable option for their college football careers.

"Just from hearing Richie talk and watching him become good friends with the other top players in the state, that they have made some pacts among themselves to sort of stay at home and go to the same school," said Browder. "I think there is a lot of proud in the state of Mississippi and more kids are willing to say home for sure."

The Bearcats of Long Beach are sad to see Richie leave their program, hallways and student body, but they are proud to call him one of their own.

"He has been an outstanding ambassador for this school," said Browder. "He has been a great student and a great young man.

"His character is beyond reproach. He is a fine Christian young man and he is going to be a fine example.

"His new school is going to be very proud of him."

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