Bosch's Weeding Out Process Picking up Steam

Wheaton (IL) St. Francis OT, Kyle Bosch has a who's who of college football hot on his trail and the talented youngster is meticulously analyzing each of them. I caught up with the standout line prospect to get the latest on his recruitment, his visit plans, his decision timetable, and much much more.

Sam Webb: So you recently received the long awaited offer from Notre Dame.  Were you expecting it?

Kyle Bosch: “I expected it to come through eventually. It had been awhile since I talked to Notre Dame, but yeah, I started talking to them again and they finally gave me an offer.”

Sam Webb: Do you have any plans to make it over there anytime soon?

Kyle Bosch: “Yeah, February 17, 18 and 19, I’m going to be stopping at Notre Dame, Michigan State and Michigan.”

Sam Webb: I remember when I first met you last summer you seemed at least a little disappointed that the Notre Dame offer hadn’t come through.  Now that they have, does that kind of move them way up since that was one you were kind of looking for?

Kyle Bosch: No, absolutely not. I would not say that at all. I would say they have the same shot every other school does to get me. I’ve already been looking into a lot of these schools like Michigan State, Michigan, Iowa, Northwestern, (Illinois), Alabama, Stanford… I mean, (those schools) offered earlier than (Notre Dame), so it’s only fair to look at the schools that have offered me.”

Sam Webb: What’s been going on with Michigan State?

Kyle Bosch: “Not much. I’ve always kept in contact with Coach Roushar and Coach Staten. I keep in contact with them and Coach Dantonio and just making sure I keep in contact with them because they’re great guys and want to see where their program goes the next few months, keep up with the recruiting, and all that great stuff.”

Sam Webb: Now one of the very last times we talked, one of the things you said was that all the schools were even, but Michigan was starting to set itself apart. We didn’t really get to talk about why though.  What were you starting to see at that point… or what are you seeing in Michigan that’s making that happen for you?

Kyle Bosch: Michigan’s really impressive. Their coaching staff is fantastic. Their facilities are fantastic. Everything there is really top of the line. Their academic support is great. They have this new program with the IPads where they download all the books onto the IPad.  So players, instead of bringing 40 books around with you, you have just one little device. I thought that was pretty interesting. It seems like it would be very helpful, especially in that kind of environment. I also liked the strength & conditioning coach a lot. He seemed to know what he was doing.  A lot of the same things I’m doing right now, he’s doing up there with Michigan.  And the academics, again, one of the best academic facilities in the country. It’s really a great school and has great football tradition.

Sam Webb: In talking about your criteria you mention the importance of strength coach a lot, but you also the position coach a great deal.  So what about you would-be position coach at Michigan? What’s your relationship like with Coach Funk at this point?

Kyle Bosch: “Coach Funk has really shown a lot of interest in me. He’s visited with my coach about 15 times.  He’s definitely staying in contact, not overbearing his boundaries. He’s making sure that I know that they’re interested and he always messages me at least once a week on Facebook or through e-mail, saying hello and seeing how I’m doing. I’ve gotten to sit down and talk football with him when I was up there last time and he definitely has a true, offensive lineman, ground & pound spirit.”

Sam Webb: Getting back to your visits… is this three stop tour going to be the last time that you hit the road for a while, or are you going to take a number of visits over the winter?

Kyle Bosch: “No, I’m going to try to take a number of visits. I’m going to be going to Northwestern at some point, and then, I might go down to see some southern schools like Tennessee or check out Alabama or Ole Miss maybe. Just try to get a look at all my options.”

Sam Webb: Doing that over the winter, is that because, you think you’re going to make a decision soon? Or are you going to wait until the season? Have you thought any more about what your timeline looks like?

Kyle Bosch: “You know, it keeps coming back to me and I’d really like to get it done before the season. That’d be the most prime time to do it is before my senior season and trying to win state this year and taking everything else in stride. If I can, I will, but right now, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be an option because there are so many freaking good schools and I want to be able to find that little niche that says, ‘these guys are definitely the number one… those guys fantastic school, but I didn’t like this little sliver of whatever.’ I know that it’s kind of like a Marine Corps recruiter… they’re not going to be yelling and screaming at you trying to get a guy to sign up for the Marines. I know that when I get there, they’re not going to be holding my hand and smiling and waving. They’re going to be screaming at me during summer camp, so I just want to be able to find a coach that’s going to be real with me and also fair. I need to find that kind of balance.”

Sam Webb: So how will you know? What will you see?  What do you thing will happen that will let you know, ok, this is the place?

Kyle Bosch: “You know, I think I’m getting to that. It’s really just a matter of time of looking at other schools and putting them up next to some other schools and seeing, ‘ok, well, X has A, B and C, but Y has only B and C.’  Because every school has something special about them and then there are certain schools that fit other people like a glove and some that are too big or too small. I just want to find that school that’s a perfect fit for me.”

Sam Webb: Do you think distance is going to be big in that decision?

Kyle Bosch: “Absolutely not. My parents, I think, my whole family would follow me anywhere I go.”

Sam Webb: What about other guys that are being recruited? In the state of Illinois this year it is absolutely loaded with offensive linemen. I don’t know if you talk to any of those guys or any other top recruits, but do you factor any of that kind of thing in… the recruiting class and the guys you might go in with?

Kyle Bosch: “You know, I’ve talked to Ty Isaac and Ethan Pocic about where they’re thinking about going to school, but they usually say the same thing I say… ‘I have no friggin’ idea!’ (Laughter) It’s just too much too soon… we have too many options to be diving into a decision this year, and I really wish I could say, ‘well alright, today I’m committing to ‘school X’ but I can’t, because I’m being presented with Florida, Florida State, Miami, Stanford, Cal, USC, you know, Texas, Oklahoma. I can’t be like, they’re all good, but I don’t really feel like checking them out. I really want to be able to say I’ve seen everything in the country, and these guys are the real deal. These guys are definitely the best for me.”

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