Keene Taking Visits

Jacksonville (Ill.) tight end Dalton Keene talks Iowa junior day and possible upcoming trips.

Multi-talented Dalton Keene, a 6'4, 255-lb junior who is being recruited primarily as a tight end, is starting to see his recruitment heat up even though he is in the middle of a basketball season.

Over the weekend, he found time away from the court to take a trip over to Iowa.

"I got invited down to Iowa for junior day and I went down. One of the things I found funny was that the visitors' locker room is all pink and that messes with the other teams' minds."

The locker room is just one part of the stadium Keene was impressed with.

"Everything was close. The fans are right there. They said where the parents sit, if you get hit out of bounds, you might end up in their lap. If you score a touchdown, you'll definitely get mobbed in the end zone because the student section is right there on the field. It's an awesome atmosphere to go play football in."

Keene has shown that he can catch the ball, block, and even play defense and special teams. All of those skills will help him in college, but particularly, if he came to Iowa, because of how the Hawkeyes use the tight end.

"I actually spent most of the time with Coach Johnson, Eric Johnson, the recruiting coordinator and tight ends coach. They split us up with our individual positions and we went into actual team meeting rooms and went over how some of their plays are, what they call such and such for plays and three or four base sets they run. What they told me was, that tight ends have to know about nine positions on the field. The only ones they don't know are running back and quarterback. That definitely changed my perspective from high school to college."

A number of schools are sending mail and showing interest, and Keene is looking at potentially visiting two more Big Ten schools.

"Nebraska wants me to come up on the 18th. I'm still debating. I'd love to go, especially since it's not the first time they've asked me to come up there, but I have a basketball game on the 17th, so depending on what time we have to leave, it might be seven hours, it may be up to nine. I think I'm going to an Illinois something on the 27th is what my dad said."

Keene says he is also hearing from Michigan State, Notre Dame and others.

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