Commitment Analysis: Kyle Hicks National Recruiting Analyst Greg Powers talks about Kyle Hicks, the Longhorns' most recent commitment.

Powers, on the kind of running back Texas is getting:

"Kyle Hicks is a shifty kind of guy, somebody who catches the ball really well coming out of the backfield. I think he would be equally adept as a wide receiver or a running back. He's 5-11 185 and is a stop-and-go guy. He can make a lot of people miss in space and has pretty good foot explosion.

On where Hicks stands up in the 2013 in-state running back class:

"He's a different kind of back. Most people seem to be penciling in Keith Ford as the [state's] No. 1 back. But Hicks is a different player than Ford, than Malcolm Brown, or even Johnathan Gray. When you look at the roster, he's not a bad fit in that he brings something a little bit different to the table. And with the running backs in that system, if he doesn't work out, he can play cornerback."

On Hicks's projection as a defensive back:

"He started for Arlington Martin as as sophomore at cornerback on a team that featured five D1 defensive backs. As a junior, they needed a playmaker on offense after losing Danzel Williams to OU, so they moved Hicks to offense, and he did that and more. He became one of the most explosive playmakers in one of the toughest districts in the state. While he has value on that side of the ball, I think I always think of him more as a cornerback. I understand when a guy like that can make plays with the ball in his hands, and you don't want to take that away. But finding good cornerbacks is so tough that he may even have more value there. He's talented enough that he could switch over and play either way. He knows both positions pretty well.

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