Big Offer in for Myles

Starkville High's Gabriel Myles attended Junior Day at Mississippi State in order to get a little face time with the Bulldog coaching staff. A few days later, Myles and his parents were across the desk from Coach Dan Mullen talking about the possibility of Gabe joining the program once his senior year is over.

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"They set up a meeting with us for Thursday," said Myles. "Coach Mitchell told me that the coaches at Mississippi State wanted us to come over there."

The versatile Myles reports that he was not expecting any real big news, but that he was happy to have the chance to learn more about his options in Starkville.

"I wasn't expecting him to offer or anything," said Myles. "I really thought this was a chance for us all to talk and for them to get to know me better.

"Coach Mullen told me that he was offering me a scholarship."

The reactions from the Myles family were all a bit different.

"My mom is real big on academics, so she was happy to hear Coach Mullen talk about how that was the first thing with him," explained Myles.

"My dad was happy, but he doesn't show a lot of emotion about things. He was just him, but I know he's proud of me.

"He was pretty reserved about everything, but that's what I expect from him. That's just him.

"I was trying to keep my emotions and all the same, but inside I was like 'Wow'! I couldn't believe it."

Myles was the trigger man on the Starkville High offense during last year's run to the 5A state title game, but the Bulldogs like his potential on defense.

"I guess they are recruiting me as an athlete, but he said they like me at DB because of my size," said Myles. "It's all fine with me. I just want to be play where I can help the team the most."

While the offer from the Bulldogs is a dream come true, Myles is going to take a little time to let everything sink in before he makes a decision.

"I went over to Alabama yesterday for their junior day," said Myles. "I am going over to Ole Miss this weekend to see what all they have to say.

"I was real excited about the offer from Mississippi State.

"Coach Mullen told me that he is looking for good people who have character and who will be successful on and off the field.

"He said that he wants his players to succeed in the classroom, in football and in life.

"He said all of those things are important to him and I liked hearing all of that."

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