Austin Receives First Offer

Dakota Austin, a cornerback from Lancaster, Texas, went to his first Junior Day at Texas Tech this weekend (February 18th), and left with an offer.

Even though he was unsure of what to expect from Texas Tech, Dakota Austin went into their Junior Day with an open mind. He left there surprised and with his first official offer in his pocket.

"He said he liked my style of play," said Austin. I went down there kind of skeptical, but it was actually really nice. I liked their facilities a lot."

Towards the end Junior Day is when the offer came, which was after the Texas Tech facilities were nothing but greater than his original expectations.

"We got to see the locker room, equipment room, weight room, training room, and got to walk on the field," he added.

"It's good stuff, their uniforms look nice," he said with a smile.

With Texas Tech already starting spring practice, Austin got the chance to see what they were all about. A few minutes of watching practice was all he needed to see that they can still be in his hunt for a future home. He doesn't intend on making decisions anytime soon. Schools like LSU (one of his dream schools) are on his top interest list, and he won't give up on it yet.

"When other offers start coming I will start making decisions," he said. "Now I'm pretty interested (in Texas Tech), I'm not sure about a commitment yet though."

Austin isn't only a fan of the facilities and uniforms. He went home with a great feel for the overall atmosphere.

"They treat you right; they are good people," Austin said.

Edited by National Analyst Greg Powers

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