Michigan coaches impress Crayton

Michigan received a visit on Sunday from Dadeville, Alabama Defensive Tackle Rod Crayton, a class of 2013 prospect. Rod talked to GBW about the offer he received from the Wolverines, the vibe that was established with the coaching staff during his visit Sunday, and what defensive coordinator Greg Mattison said to him that means a lot to him.

Last Thursday 2013 Alabama defensive tackle Rod Crayton felt good after the Michigan coaches told him they'd have something for him when he visited. "That felt great they were showing a lot of love," he told GoBlueWolverine.

He wanted to find out what they were talking about so Sunday he made his way to Ann Arbor to talk with the head man himself, Brady Hoke.

"Coach called me into his office and we were just talking and then he told me when I come up here that I would not just have one D-line coach, I would have three," recalled Crayton. "It would be him, Coach Montgomery, and Coach Mattison pushing me really hard. Then he pulled me to the side and said, 'you know you have a scholarship to play here at the University of Michigan.' Man it just was a good feeling. Hearing him say I like what I see in you and it made me feel even better."

Michigan's coaching staff has really made an impression on recruits with their football knowledge, and especially with the way they carry themselves.

"With the Michigan football staff -- coaches Montgomery, Funk, Mattison, Borges and Hoke -- I see some realness with them. Coach Hoke told me what I see is what I get with his staff. Those guys are good men and good coaches. The best part of my visit were to be able to talk with them and get to know the staff. Coach Montgomery really reminds me of my D-line coach Matt Harrison."

"I also really liked talking with the strength and conditioning Coach Aaron Wellman. He was showing what they do and how they do things around there. Their weight room is really nice up at Michigan. Anywhere I go I want to have a close relationship with the S & C coach as well as my D-line coach."

Crayton alsoreally enjoyed the conversation he had with defensive coordinator Greg Mattison.

“Coach told me he likes the way I play. He said with me being 6-1 in height is not an issue at all -- and that means a lot coming from him. He likes how I use my hands, how I get up the field, go sideline to sideline, and have a good motor. This is a coach who coached some of the NFL greats, so coming from him it means a lot."

Coaches Funk and Montgomery also compared him to some former Wolverines that have played at the Big House.

“They told me I remind them of Mike Martin who played this year and Gabe Watson, as well as Alan Branch. Michigan is known for their good D-line. I told Coach Harrison, my position coach, to find me schools that have good D-line’s -- and Michigan was one of the schools he picked for me."

Next Crayton was taken to the Big House and quickly realized that television did it no justice.

"I knew it was big, but oh my God it is huge and deep looking down on it," he said. "I was thinking about how loud it is and how it is rocking with the crowd when I am watching a game."

As much as he enjoyed his time in Ann Arbor, an obvious question is will the distance from homre mute the effect.

"Being away from home makes you a better man -- you have to depend on yourself."

So far Crayton has offers from Ole Miss, LSU, Memphis , Michigan and Purdue, and interest from Penn St. and Auburn.

Now that Michigan has joined the mix the Wolverines are definitely in the running for him.

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