A Trip Up North

Rod Crayton is from the South but that certainly isn't stopping him from branching out and attending junior days all over the country. Recently, he took a trip up north to check out Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State. Crayton came away feeling great about all three institutions. Find out the latest from the 2013 DL right here:

Rod Crayton wants to make sure he gives every school a fair chance. If that means traveling sizable distances to weigh all his options, Crayton has no reservations.

"I like taking trips and I was excited for some of the cold weather. I came prepared with jackets and all. It was great to see these schools."

Crayton went to Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State for junior days at all three schools.

Of the three, Crayton says Michigan made the biggest impression on him.

"I really liked Michigan. I mainly liked them because of coach Hoke. He spent like an hour talking with me. He is very excited about what I could do for the program and said he likes how I play defense."

Crayton enjoyed Michigan State as well. The coaching staff at Michigan State is one he feels comfortable with.

"I really could see how they would be family. I enjoyed my time at Michigan State for sure."

Crayton made another stop. The third school he spent some time learning about is Penn State.

"I know a lot of people are worried about Penn State but I really liked it. I think they are putting the past behind them. I think it's still a great school and I really enjoyed my visit."

What's next for Crayton? This weekend, he plans to visit a couple schools in the state of Tennessee.

"I'm going to Tennessee and also Vanderbilt. I'm really looking forward to it. Vanderbilt just let me know they offered so it will be nice to visit knowing that."

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