Kelly Drawing Early SEC Interest

Jestin Kelly enrolled at Redemptorist as a freshman in hopes of playing for championships and making his way in the world as a football prospect. Three years later, Kelly is firmly on the recruiting radar and making the rounds to elevate his visibility. A recent trip to Texas A&M has Kelly excited about the possibilities.

Jestin Kelly profile

The Wolves of Redemptorist play a good brand of football and Kelly is proud to be a part of it.

"It is a great feeling to be in a program like this," said Kelly. "My brother played here, so it's sort of like a family tradition.

"I watched this program when I was growing up and I always wanted to play here. I got my chance in the ninth grade and I was starting my sophomore year.

"It is a great feeling playing for Redemptorist because everybody wants to play here.

"When you get that chance, it is something special."

Baton Rouge is a football town. To hear it from Kelly, the cross city rivalries have become more heated as programs in the area have worked to get better.

"Baton Rouge high school football has definitely been stepping up," said Kelly. "There are a lot of players that are going up on the map that you haven't heard about before.

"You used to only hear about a few people, but now it seems like everybody is working out and getting trained.

"Everybody is trying to get better and it makes the atmosphere all over Baton Rouge better on Friday nights especially when you get those big match-ups."

After a strong junior season, Kelly began hearing from college recruiters.

"I am hearing from Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi State and I just got back from Texas A&M," said Kelly.

"I had a good time at A&M. I really like all of the facilities. The school is huge and they have a big facility for all sports and they are about to build a new one just for football.

"I like the academic facilities. They have an upstairs room above the weight room that you can go and study in.

"They even give you a time management schedule to follow. All of the players have to call in and come in with your tutor and study.

"That would really help me in my studies if I was to go there."

"I am going to the National Underclassmen Combine this Saturday," said Kelly. "I plan on going to Alabama's camp, LSU's camp and I am going to try to get up to Tennessee and Missouri.

"I am going to ULL's junior day too."

Kelly is being recruited on both sides of the football, but it appears his best bet may prove to be linebacker.

"No one has really said for sure," said Kelly. "I play running back and linebacker and most schools are talking about linebacker.

"It doesn't really matter to me.

"I just want to go somewhere that I feel at home and where I can feel like I can make a impact on the program early in my career."

Kelly reports that Missouri and Texas A&M are recruiting him the hardest at this point.

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