Georgia WR Pleasantly Surprised With OU Offer

OU has truly extended its recruiting nationally, and the latest proof of that is an offer to Alpharetta (Georgia) HS wide receiver Carlos Burse.

The 6-foot-4, 204-pounder, who runs a 4.6 40-yard dash, confirmed it to Sooners Illustrated Wednesday evening, and to say he was at least mildly alarmed but very excited would be right on the money.

"To be completely honest, it came out of the blue and it was so unexpected," Burse said. "I'm actually very surprised that they actually reached out, that they wanted to give me a full scholarship for their college. I was like, ‘Wow, that's pretty big.'"

Burse, who helped his team to a 9-2 season back in the fall, already owns offers from Florida, North Carolina State, Tennessee, UCF, Vanderbilt and Virginia Tech.

Now he's got one from yet another major program that hopes to land him and one he's interested in.

"Yeah, I'm definitely gonna take a visit to OU, see what they have to offer," Burse said.

The reason for that: he's enamored with the stature of the program and likes what the system potentially has to offer.

"They throw the ball," Burse said. "From what I've seen, Ryan Broyles is a great [model of OU], I think, all-time receiving leader. He holds the record right now. They throw the ball, they have a pretty nice offense, they have a nice quarterback, they have a nice quarterback every year. Honestly, just over there what they've showed me, that I've watched on ESPN, is very impressive to me."

And he had a good conversation with wide receivers coach Jay Norvell.

"When I called him, he let me know he wanted to give me a full scholarship offer and to be honest, I was really like shocked that he actually like told me that," Burse said. "And then we pretty much talked, I touched base, left him some contact information. [He wants] to get me down there for maybe a spring practice or so. Really just basic things."

So what will it take for a program to land the talented receiver?

"A pretty good strength and conditioning program," Burse said. "You know, I'm looking to get a little bit bigger and actually get some playing in college. Honestly, probably early in my college years compared to late, where I'm just really comfortable is where I'm going to sign."

Stay tuned to Sooners Illustrated and to follow the latest on Burse's recruitment.

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