Valdosta MVP Camp: Award Winners

The MVP Camp kicked off their season in Valdosta, Ga. at The Valwood School on Saturday and you can see who the award winners were here.

Close to 200 athletes participated in the MVP Camp in Valdosta, Ga. on February 25 and here are the prospects who left with hardware.

  • Top Overall Performer
    Isa Lowe - WR - 6-0/170 - Waycross, Ga. - Ware County - 2013
    MVP Camp Note: Lowe just made play after play on Saturday. He showed very strong hands and the ability to run good routes.

  • Top Underclassman (Twins won this award)
    Lance Austin - 5-10/170 - ATH - Barnesville, Ga. - Lamar County - 2014
    Lawrence Austin - 5-9/165 - ATH - Barnesville, Ga. - Lamar County - 2014
    MVP Camp Note: Both Lance and Lawrence are very gifted and versatile athletes. They are quick and can change direction well.

  • Top Quarterback
    Ryan McFarlin - 6-2/196 - Jacksonville, Fla. - Atlantic Coast - 2014
    MVP Camp Note: McFarlin was on the mark all day and showed arm strength and accuracy.

  • Top Running Back
    Traveon Samuel - 5-7/165 - Phenix City, Ala. - Central - 2015
    MVP Camp Note: Samuel showed great quickness and the ability to cut on a dime.

  • Top Wide Receiver/Tight End
    Bernard Brown - 5-8/160 - Jacksonville, Fla. - Wolfson - 2013
    MVP Camp Note: Brown could not be checked because of his quickness off the line and his ability to get separation down the field.

  • Top Offensive Lineman
    DeAndre Wise - 6-2/279 - C - Alpharetta, Ga. - Alpharetta - 2013
    MVP Camp Note: Wise was up and down during the position work, but during the elite showcase, he showed he was the best. He won every 1on1 battle against the top defensive linemen.

  • Top Defensive Lineman
    Carnell Hopson - 6-2/240 - DE - Douglasville, Ga. - South Paulding - 2013
    MVP Camp Note: Hopson was relentless. He showed a high motor, he showed good hand movement, and he was tough to slow down.

  • Top Linebacker
    Paul Davis - 5-10/200 - Cairo, Ga. - Cairo - 2013
    MVP Camp Note: Davis is a football player. He looked great during the drills, he ran well, and he was strong in coverage.

  • Top Defensive Back
    Cinwon Whitehead - 5-11/162 - Atlanta, Ga. - Washington - 2013
    MVP Camp Note: Whitehead was one of the fastest prospects in Valdosta when testing in the 40 yard dash. He carried that speed to positional drills and 1on1s.

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