Bradshaw Making the Rounds

Zach Bradshaw of Demascus (Md.) High is being recruited to play receiver and linebacker. He holds more than a dozen offers and is in the process of making recruiting visits. The 6-foot-3, 205-pound Bradshaw recently spoke to about some of his visits, and his recruitment.

Some schools see Zach Bradshaw as a linebacker and others as a receiver, but no matter which side programs fall on, there are plenty who believe the 6-foot-3, 205-pounder is a major prospect.

The Damascus (Md.) High standout holds more than a dozen offers – including from Michigan, South Carolina, Rutgers, Virginia, Duke and West Virginia – and is in the process of visiting campuses to gain a better understanding of the programs recruiting him.

Two weekends ago Bradshaw traveled to Rutgers for his first in-depth look at the program, and also to meet with the new coaching staff for the first time.

"I got to see their facilities," Bradshaw said. "They have really nice facilities and I got to meet their coaches, including my recruiting coach (assistant Damian Wroblewski), who I hadn't met before. I liked him a lot. He was pretty straight forward. He had his kid with him there, and he was like 3, and he was giving us the tour. It was kind of funny.

"I liked him a lot, and my parents seem to like him a lot also."

Bradshaw also spoke with Rutgers coach Kyle Flood.

"I liked him a lot, too," he said. "We sat down and talked to him in his office. He was pretty straight forward with us as well.

"I put them up there. Some teams are a little bit more prestigious than others, but Rutgers has had a lot of success recently. I don't want to go to a place that was good 20 years ago but isn't good anymore."

Prior to his visit to Rutgers, Bradshaw made a visit to Duke to see what the Blue Devils had to offer.

"Obviously, their academics are amazing," Bradshaw said. "Their practice facility is really nice. They're stadium is kind of old but they're putting in some ridiculous amount of money into it to get the facilities looking nice. I like the coaches. Coach (David) Cutcliffe coached both of Mannings, so he obviously put some really good players into the NFL. He likes to throw the ball."

This past weekend Bradshaw made a visit to Virginia, and a trip to Michigan is in the works.

"We were very impressed with (Virginia coach) Mike London and the coaching staff," said Bradshaw's father, Mike. "The support system and facilities were also great. We will try to hit Michigan in the next few weeks."

The Michigan will give Bradshaw an opportunity to delve deeper into the direction coach Brady Hoke will take the offense in the coming years.

"The coaches actually said they were going to change their offense back to a pro-style once (quarterback) Denard Robinson leaves," Zach Bradshaw said. "They're not going to have that spread quarterback anymore so they said they're looking for a couple of big receivers to use in the pro offense."

Bradshaw made a trip to South Carolina in the fall, and has been to Maryland several times, but he said the Terps' recent surge in landing area talent such as Wes Brown, Albert Reid and Stefon Diggs doesn't impact his decision.

"I've been down there a bunch, and was down to a basketball game (a month ago)," Bradshaw said. "Them going there doesn't affect me. It's nice to see kids from my area going to our home school, but I'm not necessarily a Maryland fan. I'm a Michigan State fan.

"I visited (South Carolina) in November so I know all the coaches there, so I know a lot about them."

Michigan State has not offered Bradshaw, who discussed what he wants in a school.

"It's going to be academics and the coaches," he said. "I don't want to go some place where the coaches don't really care about the players and they're there for the money."

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