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Kentucky is home to a good number of quality prospects again this year. Here is one writer's opinion of the top fifteen prospects – in alphabetical order.

Kentucky is home to a good number of quality prospects again this year. Here is one writer's opinion of the top fifteen prospects – in alphabetical order.

Daeshawn Bertram – 5-10, 230-pound MLB – DaeShawn Bertram was Trinity's leading tackler this past season. Bertram meets the ball carrier in a bad mood and rarely lets a player get by him. He currently has an offer from Western Kentucky.

Hunter Bivin – 6-7, 295-pound OT – One of the fastest rising recruits in this region, Hunter Bivin has shown great athleticism on the line for Apollo. He does a great job protecting the quarterback and opening holes for the running back. He has offers from schools all over the region, including Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan, Kentucky, LSU, Florida, Penn State and more.

Joey Bloomfield – 6-6, 300-pound OL – Nobody in the state of Kentucky wants to improve his craft more than Bloomfield. The young man has gotten better every year and adding more skill to his sheer size makes him an intriguing prospect. He recently picked up his first offer from Kansas.

Kyle Bolin – 6-3, 190-pound QB – Somewhat a forgotten player in this class, Kyle Bolin is probably the best quarterback in the state going into the spring and summer. Bolin has a nice arm and excellent accuracy. He's showed continued improvement throughout his career and he's learning from his mistakes, which makes him even more dangerous every time on the field. Bolin is committed to Louisville.

Jeffrey Canady – 6-1, 208-pound ATH – You can't put your finger on where Jeffrey Canady will play on the next level. He's played so many spots at the high school level and has been a force no matter where he lines up. What you do know is that he's a great athlete with a big work ethic. He currently holds no offers, but as soon as he goes to a few camps, that will change quickly.

Dalyn Dawkins – 5-10, 175-pound RB – Dalyn Dawkins ran wild over the opposition all season on the way to a state and national championship for Trinity. Dawkins runs hard and much stronger than his size. But not only is he able to get the tough yards, he has break-away speed once he gets into the defensive backfield. He reportedly holds offers from Kentucky, Louisville and Illinois.

Jason Hatcher – 6-3, 230-pound DE – Jason Hatcher has the unique ability to get to the quarterback almost whenever he wants at the high school level. Not only does he get to him, but he brings him down hard. Hatcher explodes off the line of scrimmage and passed opposing blockers with ease. Hatcher claims offers from Michigan, Louisville, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Auburn to name a few.

Kentayvus Hopkins – 6-0, 185-pound RB – Kentayvus Hopkins was one of Kentucky's top rushers as a junior. Hopkins does a great job of running by most defenders before they can touch him. But he also has the speed, size and ability to run through arm tackles. Hopkins picked up his first offer this weekend from Western Kentucky.

Jacob Hyde – 6-3, 310-pound DT – Quickness isn't usually the first thought when you think of 310-pounds, but when you watch Jacob Hyde attack an opposing offense's middle, that's what you'll see. Hyde not only has a quick first step and quick feet, he's a powerful player who throws his peers around at the high school level. He has one offer from Kentucky at this time.

Jonathan Jackson – 6-0, 215-pound LB – Jonathan Jackson is machine-like in the way he approaches the game of football. He's consistent on both sides of the ball, leading Mayfield in both rushing and tackling. Jackson is a big hitter who has greatly improved his coverage skills. He currently has an offer from Western Kentucky.

James Quick - 6-1, 175-pound WR - No player in Kentucky has more hype that Trinity's James Quick. The junior has completely lived up to that hype, however. Quick can take a catch at the line of scrimmage and go 80 yards almost any time he wants. But Quick isn't just "quickness" and speed. Quick is strong and aggressive on the field. He also has excellent hands. He has offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Louisville, Kentucky, Michigan and Illinois to name a few.

LaBront Scott – 6-2, 225-pound DE – Another strong pass rusher, LaBront Scott quickly gets into the backfield, making plays on anybody with the ball behind the line of scrimmage. Scott is a rangy player who could wind up as an outside linebacker at the college level, where he's committed to Western Kentucky.

Ryan Timmons – 5-11, 175-pound ATH – Aside from James Quick, there is no other player in Kentucky who scares opposing defensive coordinators like Ryan Timmons. Timmons rushed for more than 1000 yards and also caught passes for more than 1000 yards this season for Franklin County. Timmons uses his speed better than any other player on this list. Timmons has offers from Arkansas, Kentucky, Purdue and Western Kentucky.

Ryan White – 5-10, 175-pound CB – Ryan White may be quietly the most dominant defensive player in Kentucky. Opposing offenses rarely challenge him through the air for fear of being picked off. And while you may not realize it, White is always involved in the run game, attacking the ball carrier. To top it off, he's a special player as a punt returner. White has committed to Louisville.

Travis Wright – 6-1, 190-pound QB – Leadership is one of the best superlatives to describe Trinity signal caller, Travis Wright. Wright led his team all season through hard work and by having an unbelievable junior year. He improved his arm strength, which was somewhat a question mark. But Wright showed great accuracy and great decision making getting the ball to his best option. Rumors say he has offers from Mississippi State and Louisville, but neither offer has been confirmed.

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