Earley Talks SEC Offer

An SEC school is the first program to try and seal the deal with DFW defensive back, William Earley.

An Ole Miss offer has seemed to come out of the blue for William Earley, but he is nothing but happy and excited about their sudden and intense interest.

"Coach Allen told me to call and that's when they offered me," he said with a smile. "I was surprised a big school was looking at me this early. I was really excited."

This gives Earley room have high expectations for the rest of the schools that come around. A first offer being from the SEC is going to be a high standard to set for what's to come.

"The SEC is a place that I want to be," Earley said. "They send a lot of people to the NFL."

This offer being so sudden, Earley hasn't gotten a chance to meet with the coaches or spend a lot of time on campus, which he intends to do in the near future.

"I want to know how the coaches interact with their players," he said. "They are my coaches. I want to know them and I want them to know me."

He already has in mind what kind of relationship he is looking for between him and his future coaching staff. It is without a doubt a family oriented style of program.

"I like a strong bond on and off the field," he added.

Not only does Earley want this from his coaches, but from the Ole Miss atmosphere as a whole.

"I want to be around good and nice people with a good atmosphere," he explained. "I don't want to be around any trouble."

He already knows a little bit about their style of defense and likes what he's seen.

"Their techniques really fit what I can do," said Earley.

Along side of the style of play, he likes the overall fit of Ole Miss.

"I like to play in big areas," he said. "There is no NFL team there so the focus is on them."

As sudden as this offer was, more can't be far. The next few months will most likely be pretty eventful for William Earley, which hopefully involves his ultimate decision.

"I don't know what else to expect but I will start making decisions after this spring or by the middle of my senior year," said Earley.

Schools like Washington State, Minnesota, Purdue, Oregon, Baylor and Iowa State have also been showing an early interest in his talents. North Texas has also extended an offer.

Edited by National Analyst Greg Powers

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