Berry Makes Big Entrance

2016 quarterback Justin Berry talks to FOXSportsNext about a recent tournament appearance in Atlanta and getting ready for high school ball.

2016 prospect Justin Berry will enroll in St. Charles East high school this fall, and begin his high school career.

But Berry isn't waiting until then to start making a name for himself on the recruiting scene.

By joining the 7-on-7 team "Goon Squad," Berry is testing out his competition as one of the only 8th graders.

"In Atlanta I was the only eighth grader there on all the teams," Berry said. "I wasn't really intimidated because I have been surrounded by high schoolers so much."

He added, "My team isn't really big they are just really fast. So I can kind of blend in with everybody."

But during his most recent tournament, he wasn't asked to blend in, he was asked to stand out.

"We were warming up right after we got there, and coach asked me if I was ready," Berry said. "After I said yes, he was like okay good because yours starting the first game."

Berry got off to a fast start under center.

"I went out and completed several passes, and we won the game," Berry said. "The second game I was feeling a little bit better, and we came out and started driving and I threw a td pass for 25 yards."

He added, "I had a great time just because of the support of my team, and I was really happy with the way I played."

Berry's play is drawing attention from several colleges already.

"I am going to West Virginia's spring game," Berry said. "And I have gotten a lot of questionnaires and invites to camps from Tennessee and Boston College."

Plus, Berry checked out a local college while in Atlanta for the 7-on-7.

"We visited Georgia Tech while we were out there," Berry said. "It was great – I loved the campus and the coach took us into the film room and we watched season highlights and talked about academics and getting a job after football."

He added, "It was just overall a really good visit."

But recruiting isn't all that Berry has to look forward too, he will be enrolling in St. Charles East high school in the fall.

"I am excited for really the competition in high school," Berry said. "And being able to test how good I am really."

He added, "I have been playing with younger kids. That's why I like playing with the Goon Squad you can see where you match up."

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