Harlow Unofficially Visits Oregon

San Clemente (CA) three-star offensive lineman Sean Harlow took advantage of an opportunity to take some time and head north to the Pacific Northwest, where Harlow unofficially visited the campuses of Oregon and Oregon State.

Talk about your unofficial visit and the overall experience you had while at Oregon?

"It went pretty well...I saw more of Oregon State just cause I was staying in Corvallis, but Oregon was really cool, too. Honestly, those facilities are crazy, but I'm not going to base my decision off of looks, you still got to deal with the coaches and stuff, too. I definitely want to go up again and check out one of their practices and see how the coaches are actually in person [and coaching] instead of trying to sell me their school."

What kinds of things did you do while on your unofficial visit?

"We talked to the coaches obviously and I got a tour of their school -- I saw some of the actual buildings of where I want to major in and stuff -- and I had a nice little meeting with the advisors there, just telling us how the [academic] game plan is. I toured the stadium and checked that out...I just spent a lot of time talking to the coaches and just checked out the school and the town and stuff."

What were your initial impressions of Eugene?

"I actually didn't see the town too much; we were kind of rushed on time. It seems like a pretty cool town and a pretty cool college town."

While at Oregon, which places around campus did you visit?

"They took me to [the Jaqua Center] where [the players] get tutors and stuff like that. I didn't get to see any of the buildings as far as the campus buildings."

What was your impression of the coaches at Oregon after getting an opportunity to visit face-to-face with them for pretty much the first time?

"I didn't see too many people up at Oregon because it's their spring break I think and they're all out of town mostly...but the staff is really cool and I really like them...I met with coach [Steve] Greatwood and I talked to coach [Chip] Kelly for a little bit and I met a couple of their defensive back kids I think. I'm not sure who all I met (laughter)."

After taking these unofficial visits, what kind of perspective has that helped you gain moving forward in the recruiting process?

"I guess it's really just showed me how the colleges are different but the same at the same time. It seemed like a small town compared to schools like USC or UCLA with that big, downtown type feel. Other than that, they all pretty much feel the same as far as town wise and it was cool to see the school spirit and how everyone is a Duck or a Beaver. I haven't narrowed anything down yet."

After your visits to Oregon, what other visits do you have on your schedule over the next few weeks and months?

"In a month, I'm headed up to Utah to check that out and then I think I'm going to head up to Washington and check out their Junior Day which is on the 28th of April."

With Oregon, you mentioned that you wanted to return to check out a practice and see more of the coaches. Did you set up anything more with them before you left?

"I'm going to head up to Oregon State and Oregon again to check out their practices so I can see their coaches in action, instead of just trying to get to know me...I would like to do it in the spring."

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