Four-star Garner wants the best

Good Counsel (Md.) four-star corner Kirk Garner wants the best.

With visits to see Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland and most recently, Auburn, Good Counsel (Md.) four-star corner Kirk Garner has been able to get a taste of both conferences, and a feel for what conference suits him best.

"I have been able to see the difference between the ACC and the SEC. There was a big difference between Auburn and what I had seen before at UVa, VT and Maryland. The facilities in the SEC, you just can't compare."

The culture of football in the SEC is hard to find in the mid-Atlantic region, where Garner is from. But does that culture; the big stadium environment; and the state-of the-art facilities come above everything else?

"I want what is best for me and am looking at the best opportunity on the football field and the best training facilities. I would love to have the best. It is definitely a perk."

Garner, when asked about the importance of a coaching staff, said it is too early to factor the coaching staff into the equation.

"Every coaching staff is going to say they want you there, but you can't go off on that entirely because the staff can change every year or any minute. I might like one coach but he could leave, so it's hard to tell right now. The coaching staff is a factor but I will not factor that into my decision until later down the road."

At this point, Garner admits it's also way too early for him to narrow down his offer list. He receives handfuls of handwritten letters daily from the likes of coach Larry Johnson at Penn State to Coach Mangus at South Carolina. He recently pulled in offers from Nebraska and Tennessee.

"I am interested in all the schools now. Nebraska, I don't know much about but I know they have good DBs that come out of there. I will try to narrow it down to a top ten once I see more places."

His next visit takes him to Tennessee Mar 31 with teammates Kendall Fuller and Dorian O'Daniel.

"I have always had a keen eye for Tennessee. I have heard they have the best facilities in college football. I don't know much more, but that they have a big tradition, a young team and they will grow in the next couple years, but I will have to get there and see for myself."

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