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When college football fans hear the name Herschel Walker, they perk up a little. Walker has a 6-foot-3, 215 pound nephew in Savannah, Ga. and he is starting to hear from colleges. Learn more about this talented sophomore here.

"I have been getting some letters and camp invites from Georgia, LSU, Mississippi State, Purdue, and Oregon so far. I have not gotten anything too big or anything, but some schools have started to show interest in me," Milan Richard said.

Richard a few things playing in his favor when it comes to recruiting. He is a 6-foot-3, 215 pound athletes that can play on either side of the ball, but he also has some athletes in his family.

One is Herschel Walker, one of the top college running backs of all time.

"I am very close to Herschel Walker. We talk about every week to every two weeks. It is very humbling when you go behind to see what he has done. He was elite when he played football and it easy to watch and learn from him."

Herschel's sister is Milan's mom and she, along with her husband are very athletic as well.

"My parents are very athletic too like Herschel. My mom (Veronica Richard) and dad (Bill Richard) ran track at Georgia and my mom was actually the first female to get a track scholarship to Georgia. i have been blessed with good athletes in my family and they have all helped me."

All the family members have passed on the same message.

"They have told me mainly to stay in God. We are a very religious family, so that is a big thing. God is first - They have taught me to stay humble, and they told me, when there is something that I want, to go after it. I have great parents and a great family. They have helped me a lot."

They will continue to help the talented sophomore and he is aiming for the top in recruiting.

"I really want to be on that top list as a recruit," said Richard. "I think I go up and get the ball well in traffic as a tight end. I think that is one of my biggest strengths because of long arms and size. I am working on my footwork a lot. I think that is one of my weaknesses right now. I am going to be working at that hard over the summer.

"It takes hard work to be a guy that is highly recruited, but I know that is not everything. Once I get to college, I still have to do my job. Right now, I am thinking about being that top recruit, that is a big goal of mine, and I am going to work hard to get there."

Some think if Richard becomes that top recruit that if one school offers, the recruiting process will be over-with quickly. That is not the case.

"I have thought about it, but I honestly want to see what happens. If Georgia offers me, I will definitely look at it, and I would love to play for them, but I will look at other schools if they come at me. I think it is only fair to the other schools and to myself, so although I have Georgia in my blood, I will look around some. I just want to do things the right way if I am blessed enough to have those offers."

Chad Simmons is currently a National Recruiting Analyst for FOX Sports/Scout. He started with Scout in 2003 and then moved on to another Recruiting Service from 2004-2008 before returning to Scout the first of 2009 to become South Recruiting Manager.
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