Commitment Pending

Brandon Wells exploded onto the south Mississippi football scene during his junior season. The talented Wells lined up at several positions during the year, but he appeared most natural with the ball in his hands. Wells was offered the chance to play receiver at Mississippi State and after a junior day trip to Starkville, he is considering accepting that offer in short order.

Brandon Wells profile

"My trip was great. It was awesome," said Wells. "I had a great time up there.

"The campus is beautiful, the people are great and the coaches are all good. They are funny.

"Coach (Angelo) Mirando is a real cool guy. He's real funny and I would enjoy playing for him."

The trip to Starkville was Wells' first visit to the Mississippi State campus.

"I love the campus and everything up there," said Wells. "The dorms are all real nice and the facilities are great.

"It's just a great place up there and I feel like I would fit in there."

Wells has been able to get some family feedback about his options at Mississippi State.

"My brother-in-law went with me," said Wells. "He felt the same way about everything that I do.

"He told me that if it was his decision that he would go to Mississippi State too.

"My mama told me it's my decision and that if I wanted to go up there that it was fine with her."

As things stand now, Wells is considering closing out his recruitment in the near future.

"Mississippi State is a great option for me," said Wells. It's not too far from home and it's a chance to play in the SEC.

"I feel like I would do good in their offense and I feel like I fit in up there with everybody.

"I am thinking about committing real, real soon."

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