Falah is very interested in Washington

Washington continues its search for line prospects across the country and one they have in their sights is St. John Bosco (Bellflower, Ca.) OL Nico Falah. While the Dawgs haven't offered yet, the talented line prospect said he's hoping for one soon and that the Husky football program is a school he's looking at with a lot of interest...

"I don't have an offer from them yet, but I'm really hoping for one soon," Falah told Dawgman.com recently. "Coach (Tosh) Lupoi and I talk a lot and I have a great relationship with him. I also know that Washington has a great connection down here (at St. John Bosco) with Keith Price and Will Shamburger up there.

"I don't really know either of them because they graduated the year before I got here, but I know that they have had a lot of success up there and the connection to our school is great."

While he said he's very interested in what the Huskies have to offer, he said he's still learning more about the program.

"Every chance I get some free time, I try and get online to see what different schools are like and what the history of the program is and that's sorta what I've done with Washington," Falah said. "I've been talking to my dad about visiting there for their spring game (April 28th) or if I don't make it to that I'll try and get up for the summer.

"With prices where they are for flights, it's gonna be tough, but yeah, I definitely want to get up there."

While the Huskies have yet to offer, 13 other schools have extended full rides -- Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Florida, Notre Dame, Oregon, Oregon State, San Jose State, UCLA, USC, Utah, Washington State and Utah State -- and he said he's hoping Cal jumps in the mix soon as well.

"I'm really liking the Pac 12 schools a lot," Falah said. "I grew up watching Pac 12 ball and I love the idea of playing in the conference, but I'm open to everyone that likes me."

Falah also mentioned that he hopes to take trips to several of the schools he's been offered by, but once again, finances will play a big part in which schools he sees.

"If I can drive to a school easily, I will probably make it out to schools, but I'll just have to see right now," Falah said. "It's just tough right now financially to go see all of the schools I want to see, so we'll just have to see where I can go and which ones I can see."

As far as a timeline on a decision is concerned, Falah said he plans to take all of his visits and make his decision on Signing Day (February 6th).

We will continue to keep in touch with Falah in the coming weeks and will update news as it happens with him.

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