Tuley-Tillman Anxious to Move to Michigan

The start of Logan Tuley-Tillman's collegiate career is still over year away, but he recently made the decision to move closer to his future home much sooner than that.

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“We decided to move to Michigan a little bit ago,” stated Tuley-Tillman.  “My mom is really excited about it. (We live in) probably not the nicest area in Peoria (IL).  A couple of things happened that really just let us know that we needed to make plans to get out of there.  (The decision to move) is in the early stage now, but it will probably happen in the summer time.”

Exactly where in the Great Lake State Tuley-Tillman & company will move to hasn’t yet been determined just yet.  They only know very generally that they will reside in southeastern Michigan, reasonably close to their family in Wyandotte.  One of the major factors will be what high school the future Wolverine decides to attend.

“Right now it looks like it will be Wyandotte Roosevelt or Cass Tech -- whichever is closer,” he said.  “My cousin goes (to Wyandotte Roosevelt).  My older cousin went the last year.”

Meanwhile future teammates David Dawson and Jourdan Lewis are obvious lures to Cass Tech, a team Tuley-Tillman had a chance to see in the playoffs last year.  He plans to dig deeper into both programs in the coming weeks.  At the moment he is more concerned with breaking the news to his current high school family.

“I actually haven’t had a chance to talk (my coach) yet,” he said.  “I’m still out here right now in Michigan.”

He will also likely discuss his plans with his football mentors at Core6 Athletes.  Former All Big Ten lineman Mike Jones and the other trainers at the highly regarded Illinois training facility have helped further develop Tuley-Tillman’s technique and his body.  He’d planned to search for a similar training opportunity in Michigan when one just happened to seek him out.

“I’m at about 321 lbs. now and it’s good weight that comes from lifting and stuff,” said Tuley-Tillman.  “Actually ((after I move to Michigan) I’m about to start working out at a place called Barwis Methods. It actually got (set up) over twitter.  I guess he follows me.  I said I didn’t know anything about (Barwis’ facility).  He said to call him.  I’m going to call him (today).”

As it turns The start of Logan Tuley-Tillman’s collegiate career is still over year away, but he recently made the decision to move closer to his future home much sooner than that.out, that wasn’t the only exciting contact Tuley-Tillman made yesterday.

“I just accepted my invitation to the Under Armour game (Monday),” he said excitedly.  “I think Patrick Kugler is going to accept it soon too.”

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