Shumway Close to Making His Pick

Lone Peak (UT) WR Talon Shumway plans to announce his choice in May, but who are his leaders?

Lone Peak (UT) receiver Talon Shumway has already made one big decision regarding his college future. The high school star who has excelled in two sports at Lone Peak – football and basketball – has decided on football despite holding major college scholarship offers in both sports. Now the only decision left to make is picking his school.

Currently Utah and BYU are the frontrunners for Shumway, two schools that are in touch with him constantly. "I've visited both schools unofficially and have attended practice and stuff at both…" he says about the in-state rivals, "…I like them both a lot". Two others have recently opened up contact with him and could make a late push. "Oregon and Boise State have recently jumped on. I've talked to Oregon quite a few times, and my Coach just gave me one of their (Boise State) Coach's numbers who wants to talk to me so we'll see what happens."

One thing that attracts Shumway to Utah is the possibility of playing with past teammate and current Ute quarterback Chase Hansen. "One of my biggest anchors at Utah is playing with Chase, so if I went there he'd be probably the biggest reason. We still talk every once in a while, but he doesn't really push it (signing with Utah)." Hansen and Shumway teamed up for years to form one of the state's most dynamic quarterback-wide receiver combos. Together they helped Lone Peak win the state title in 2011.

Though his senior season is still months away and national signing day for him isn't until February, Shumway plans to announce his final decision next month. "Six weeks from now, in the middle of May. I could drag it out an extra week or two, but it'll most likely be the middle of May. I'm not planning any official visits or anything; I think I have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing." Once he commits he plans on sticking with that school, understanding that many new schools may try and reach out to him during the upcoming months. "When I commit to where I'm going I'll be solid. Even if other schools get in contact during my senior season I don't plan on wavering at all."

Talon insists he has no favorites at this point. "No favorites right now. I've never had a favorite, so I'm kinda wide open." This means it'll be a race to the finish line for the schools vying for his services. Shumway is an LDS athlete preparing to serve a mission after graduating from high school, which means whatever school he picks will have to wait two years before they'll see him on the field. "As soon as I graduate I'll be out, so I won't be a freshman for a while."

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