Four at the Top for Four-Star Rochell

For McDonough (Ga.) defensive end Isaac Rochell, the visits that he has taken this spring have been very eye opening. With quite a few trips behind him, the talented lineman has a better idea of which schools he may end up choosing from when he makes his final decision.

"Recruiting is going good. The last trip I took was to Notre Dame and I really liked it. Other then that there is not too much going on," Isaac Rochell said.

The 6-foot-5, 257-pound prospect left Notre Dame's campus impressed.

"Obviously, they have really nice football and stuff, but I really like the fact that the academics are held to such a high standard and there is a lot of tradition. I'm not Catholic or anything but I like the fact that they are based off of Christian standards because I go to a Christian school now. There were a lot of different features that made me think it would be a really good opportunity," Rochell said.

For the most part, Rochell thinks that he knows which four schools he will choose from in the end.

"Notre Dame, Florida, Florida State, and Clemson are the four schools that I'm most likely going to choose from. There are some schools that I'm looking at outside of that but I'm not sure that I would choose any other schools besides those four. Those are really just the four schools that have the total package for me," he confessed.

The knowledge that he has gained on his visits has allowed Rochell to determine exactly what he likes about his top four.

"I like Florida because it has the college feel and the academics. It, obviously, is in the SEC so it's going to have good football," he said.

"Florida State just has the college campus feel, which is really cool. Also, if you are looking at a school in the ACC, there won't be another school that can compete for ACC championships every year and even national championships," he continued.

"Clemson has good academics and good football. It's just a good school and I've always liked Clemson," he added.

When Rochell goes to make his choice, he will consider more than just the success of the football programs at each of the schools.

"It's like a big deal when you go to a school like Notre Dame or Florida where academics are a big deal. You really start to realize that you can get a really good degree and you don't have to worry about getting a good job," Rochell said. "My brother goes to Air Force Academy and so I've always been taught to go where I'll get a good degree where I can get a job afterwards. So academics is like a big deal but it's even a bigger deal when you start looking at schools where you know you can have an opportunity to really get a good degree."

The talented end plans on taking his time and making an informed decision.

"Obviously, I'm going to look at football. I'm going to pray about it and consult my family and just really think about it," he said.

One thing that Rochell's top four schools have in common with each other is that they are all constantly in contact with him.

"My four top schools are the ones I'm in contact with on a day-to-day basis or a week-to-week basis," he said.

All four of the schools have made it clear that they are very interested in the highly sought after defensive lineman and just why that is the case.

"I guess I would just say that they really like my size and my athletic ability. Each school really sees potential and size," Rochell said.

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