Bailey Talks Huskers

2013 quarterback Aaron Bailey of Bolingbrook High (Ill.) finished up his Spring Break tour of his top five Saturday at Lincoln – and FOXSportsNext has the latest on his final visit.

Four-star quarterback Aaron Bailey wrapped up his spring break with a visit to Nebraska.

"It went really well," Bailey said. "It's definitely one of my top schools now."

He added, "What's really neat is that Nebraska really focuses on football and I like that."

But that's not all that impressed Bailey.

"The atmosphere is really cool too," Bailey said. "That was my favorite part, it was exciting and it was clear that football was the main thing."

Another thing that the four-star signal caller liked, was how everything was close together.

"I also would say I liked how all the athletic facilities are close together that is something I really like."

He continued, "Plus, I like that they have a great academic counselor who only focuses on athletes and he is located right by the football stadium."

Other than learning more about Lincoln, Bailey spent quite a bit of time with the coaching staff.

"We just sat around and I got a chance to talk to the Coach Pelini," Bailey said of his visit. "We went yesterday and we got a chance to look at the campus and the area around it."

He added, "And we got a chance to see the facilities and talk about football with the coaches."

It wasn't all about football though, and that might have been Bailey's favorite part of the visit.

"It was a great atmosphere," Bailey said. "We honestly didn't talk much about football we were just laughing the whole time."

But when they did talk football, Bailey liked what he was hearing.

"They were saying what a great fit that I would be at Nebraska and how I could really touch and help out people there," Bailey said. "They also talked about the type of plays that we run and the type that they play are very similar as my high school."

And even though the Husker's spring game was cancelled due to weather, they have moved up on his list.

"Nebraska is definitely at the top," Bailey said. "I am going to go home and talk to my family and pray about it, and see how things are."

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