Levenberry on UM: "I loved it!" (Part 2)

The Michigan football staff had a chance to show E.J. Levenberry just how they get after it on the field and off. E.J. talks to GBW about Coach Mattison's plans for him at Michigan, and what it'll take to reach a decision.

For most recruits it is about what type of scheme they will play in to use their talents to the best of their abilities. With E.J. Levenberry that was very important to him -- but it was other things as well that was vital to him as well. So you might say what he and defensive coordinator Greg Mattison talked about was music to his ears. It was the way things were explained that he appreciated.

"Coach Mattison showed me the packages for how I would be used in the defense," E.J. told GoBlueWolverine. "I really liked that part of it. He showed me how I would be moving around sometimes at the inside linebacker spot to the outside linebacker spot. Coach talked about how I would fit with the rest of the guys."

What was impressive about E.J. finding out where he would be used was -- he was concerned about the whole team excelling and not just himself.

"It was good to see where I would be making plays, but you have to do it as a team. Everybody has to be put into the scheme for us to succeed. If I can take on a guy and my teammate makes the play then we are successful. So it is about a team effort not just one person."

Talking with Coach Mattison, he found they have a lot in common about what they like and the desire they have for it.

"First of all I really like Coach Mattison. He and the other coaches showed my family a lot of love. Me and him, our birthday's are one day apart and he told me how his wife would make us some great birthday food. We both love football and love defense. We have a passion for it and with his knowledge he can help me in the future."

E.J. was further impressed by the compliments that came Coach Mattison's way as he spoke to others.

"I had a chance to talk to former players at Michigan that played for him, and they told me he will really get on you but it is because he loves you. They told any time there were problems he was going to call your parents first to let them know what was going on.  Those guys really love him."

There also was time for the head man in charge to speak with E.J. And with Brady everything was not about football.

"Coach Hoke talked to me about going to Michigan, getting my degree from Michigan -- and what a Michigan degree means."

Michigan's head football coach changed hats and became somewhat of a life coach for young Levenberry  as he bragged about what Michigan had to offer.

"Coach Hoke told me about all the (Michigan alum) CEO's that are running companies worldwide and how that would benefit me after I graduate. He told me he would treat me the way my parents would treat me as a person. We just talked -- but not a lot about football."

Levenberry also discussed being able to sit in on meetings that the players and coaches were involved in.

"It felt good sitting in on the position meetings and watching film -- me and my dad watch film a lot so that was nice. What I picked up on is paying attention in meetings, so when you get out on the field you will not get embarrassed . You don't want to mess up because you will get laughed at, the biggest thing is you want to improve when you are watching film."

There have been rumors that still come up every now and then that Michigan pressures recruits to commit. The Levenberrys put these rumors to rest again for everyone to know.

"Michigan has always told me to take my time with a decision -- to go out there and see what I like and that they will wait for me. They have not pressured me at all," said E.J. Mr. Levenberry chimed in as well.

"We have not experienced them pressuring us at all though they have always told us the truth. They tell everyone the same thing about the number of scholarships they have. I have always felt like if they don't have one for us, at least they told us and were honest about it -- but they have not pressured us at all in any way to commit."

As for what he is looking for in schools that are vying for his services he is very specific about what he wants.

"Number one I want a degree. Number two I want to be with a school that can win a conference championship every year. And number three I want to be with a school that can win a National Championship. Those are things that are important to me."

With everyone talking about when decision will come, both father and son are just continuing to gather information about all the colleges that they visit.

"We are just taking our time," said E.J., "and seeing the schools that me and my family want to see ... and then a decision will be make."

And Mr. Levenberry adds:

"As far as a decision we are just going to make sure he looks at every school so that we as a family can help him make the most informed decision that he can."

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