Heels At The Top for Lowry

In spite of the long drive, Seyvon Lowry returned from North Carolina with glowing praise for the school.

"Right now, I think [UNC] is a good fit for me as far as on the field and off the field," Lowry said. "I really like the education it offers and it would offer me a lot of tools to be a success. I really liked the coaching staff and the players. I really liked how they treated me as if I was already part of the team.

In addition to UNC, Lowry, a 6-foot-3, 210-pound defensive end from Jacksonville (Fla.) First Coast, has collected scholarship offers from Central Florida, Florida International, and Mississippi.

UCF and UNC are the only two schools Lowry has visited – and unsurprisingly are battling for the leader position for him.

"With the schools I have, North Carolina is definitely right at the top," Lowry said. "Them and UCF are neck-and-neck right now."

An advantage UNC has is it inked Lowry's former teammate Joseph Jackson with its 2012 class.

"Actually, when Jo-Jo found out [about the UNC offer], he was talking to me, giving me advice," Lowry said. "He wasn't pressuring to go to the school. He was just telling me what it has to offer and why it's a good fit for me. But he told me good things about other schools."

Lowry and his parents departed Friday, made a pit stop for rest at a hotel, and then arrived in Chapel Hill Saturday morning. Following the Tar Heels' Spring Game, they hit the road for the trek home.

"It was a lot of driving and a lot of time on the road," Lowry said. "The visit was good, except for the long drive. But I had a nice time and enjoyed it."

Upon his arrival on campus, Lowry was given a full tour of UNC's campus.

"I saw pretty much everything that they have to offer," Lowry said. "For one, it's a big place. I like all the renovations around the campus, like new academic center at the stadium."

Lowry then sat in on a linebacker position meeting conducted by Dave Duggan.

"That was nice," Lowry said. "He sounded like he knew what he was talking about. He was really detailed with how he taught. He did a good job of making sure everyone knew what was going on. If someone made a mistake, he made sure he pointed that out and gave them a way to fix it. It seemed like the players responded to him well."

UNC is recruiting Lowry for the Bandit position in its 4-2-5 defense. He plays a somewhat similar position for First Coast, where he accumulated 50 tackles and 15 sacks as a junior.

"I think [the Bandit] is the perfect fit for me, because I can rush the quarterback but at the same time I can drop back into coverage," Lowry said.

Throughout the visit, Lowry spent a lot of time with Dan Disch, his primary recruiter. Lowry also had a 15-minute meeting with Larry Fedora about an hour before kickoff of the Spring Game.

"[Fedora] was really excited for me to actually come to the game," Lowry said. "He was explaining the education at North Carolina. And he was letting me know he was well known in Jacksonville among the coaches – he is real close with my coaches."

Finally, Lowry witnessed UNC's Spring Game and all its pre-game activities.

"The stadium wasn't packed with fans, but I could tell it was filled with a lot of diehards," Lowry said. "I like the festivities before with the players signing autographs and spending time with the kids."

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