BYU close to offering Texas quarterback

Coach Doman recently flew down to the state of Texas to scout out a quarterback for the class of 2013. The Prosper High School gunslinger is very optimistic he'll receive a BYU scholarship offer from Coach Doman within the next month or so.

Davis Webb from Keller, Texas has put up some impressive stats both in the weight room and on the football field.

"I'm 6'5", 200 pounds and bench 280 pounds," Webb said. "I squat 400 and power clean 250 pounds. I threw for 2,682 yards and threw 26 touchdowns and ran for one. I rushed for 320 yards last year."

Despite his mobility, Webb said he is more of a pocket passer than a dual-threat quarterback.

"I would say I'm more like a quarterback that plays well in a Texas Tech or Oklahoma State style of offense. I like the shotgun and am more of a pocket passer."

Webb currently has just one offer, but he's being looked at and evaluated by quite a few others.

"Oklahoma State and Iowa State came by [Friday] to watch me throw," he said. "I got an offer from Utah State. Texas Tech is looking at me, [as are] Houston, SMU, BYU, Tulsa, San Diego State, Louisiana Tech, and I think that's about it right now."

BYU is taking an interest in Webb, and a Cougar coach recently saw him in person.

"BYU's offensive coordinator Coach Doman came down to see me," Webb said. "They said they'll let me know by the end of April or in May if I have a scholarship or not. That's what I'm waiting on."

Webb has reason to feel good about his chances of receiving a Cougar offer.

"Yeah, I'm very confident that BYU will offer me," said Webb. "Coach Doman has never been down to Texas before [for recruiting]. I was the first recruit he's ever visited in Texas. He's never flown to Texas before ever to recruit. It's kind of cool."

To know that Doman hadn't visited Texas for recruiting before made the visit a big deal for Webb.

"Yeah, that's a pretty special thing for me to know that I was the first one in the state of Texas that he specifically flew out to recruit," said Webb. "I just want the opportunity from Coach Doman and it's pretty special to me that he did that. It's very cool.

"My relationship with Coach Doman is really good. He keeps in touch with me as much as he can and I've talked to him a few times on the phone. He was a very good quarterback in college and in the NFL, so he has a lot of experience and knowledge. He would definitely be a good mentor for me."

The first-team all-district quarterback – who also has a 3.6 GPA – anticipates being offered by BYU soon.

"I feel really confident about it and feel good about it," Webb said. "I talked to Coach Doman and we'll see what happens. BYU is a great university, great campus and a great education. They have a great football program and coaches. They really know how to throw the ball and that's what I do. They said that I can throw the ball better than anyone they've seen and will let me know."

A member of the Church of Christ, Webb said that BYU is one of his top choices currently.

"I'm hoping BYU does offer me because I would really like to go there," said Webb. "BYU is in my top five college choices. I think the campus is great. I'm a Christian and think I would make a really good teammate out there.

"I know BYU is different than any other college in the nation, and I really like that. It's a great area and I have some friends that live out there and they said they really like it. The facilities are really nice and it's just a great education."

Webb said that BYU, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State are his top three choices, while Tulsa and Utah State round out his top five.

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